Irrigation Research

The Irrigation Research/Extension program at Clemson University focuses on on-farm agricultural water management, especially related to situations where water is limited.  Research includes modeling and direct measurement of crop water use, crop response to water stress, water use efficiency, plant-water-atmosphere interactions, adaptation strategies for climate change and climate variability, irrigation scheduling, and the development of online decision support tools for irrigation planning and irrigation scheduling.


Meet the Irrigation Team


Overview of Current Research Projects at Edisto REC:

  • Climate variability to climate change: Extension challenges and opportunities in the Southeast USA
  • Demonstration of Innovative Cropping Practices to Enhance Resilience to Drought While Optimizing Farm Profits
  • Demonstration of Deep-Rooted Cover Crop, Tillage and Controlled Traffic on Eliminating Hardpan Layer in Coastal Plain Soils to Enhance Soil Health and Farm Profits.
  • Development of integrated regional web and smartphone-based irrigation scheduling tools for cotton.
  • Demonstration of Innovative Nutrient Management Strategies Combined with Soil Amendments to Enhance Fertilizer Use Efficiency, Farm Profits, and Environmental Quality.
  • Demonstration of Subsurface Drip Irrigation for row crop production.
  • Demonstration of modern soil moisture sensing technology for irrigation scheduling to Conserve Water and Energy, Protect the Environment, and Increase Farm Profits.
  • Statewide demonstration for improved irrigation management to conserve water and enhance farm profits utilizing real-time and site specific weather information.