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Office of Land and Capital Asset Stewardship

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About the Office of Land and Capital Asset Stewardship

The Office of Land and Capital Asset Stewardship (LCAS) is responsible for the review and/or approval of all issues and decisions impacting land and capital assets owned by Clemson University and any affiliated organization. Affiliated organizations of Clemson University include:

  • Clemson University Foundation
  • Clemson University Real Estate Foundation
  • Clemson University Land Stewardship Foundation
  • Clemson University Research Foundation
  • Clemson University Land-Use Lands
  • Others as outlined by University administration

The LCAS Office provides professional expertise and technical know-how that aid in the stewardship of the University’s strategic land and capital assets. Working closely with other departments and outside consultants, the office’s role encompasses:

  • property development and planning
  • timber analysis
  • land and building acquisitions and sales
  • real property lease-ins and lease-outs
  • easements and rights-of-way
  • acceptance and disposition of donated real property

LCAS must be involved in all decisions related to land and capital assets owned by Clemson or University-affiliated organizations. In order to initiate the process, LCAS must be contacted using the Service Request Form or by calling the LCAS office at 864-283-7100.


The mission of the Office of Land and Capital Asset Stewardship (LCAS) is to provide long- and short-term planning, management and development of Clemson University real property to meet or exceed the goals set annually by University administration and Board of Trustees. The primary role of the LCAS Office is to oversee the responsible management of all institutional land and capital assets to support the University's educational, research and public service mission.


Clemson and its affiliated organizations own more than 33,000 acres of real property as well as numerous facilities and capital assets around the world.

The LCAS Office works closely with University Planning and Capital Projects in the development and implementation of strategic real estate development initiatives as established by University leadership. The office also works with the Office of Corporate Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives on economic development initiatives at University locations across the state, and with the University’s Office of Development and Office of Planned Giving regarding the acceptance of gifts of real estate while managing the utilization and/or disposition of all gifted real estate to the University or affiliated organization. The LCAS Office is also the point of contact for third parties interested in developing University-affiliated or University-serving projects.

Real Estate Leases

The LCAS Office is committed to providing Clemson University departments and affiliated organizations with the best possible service when looking for space to accommodate their growing needs.

All real property leases that obligate the University or an affiliated organization require the approval of the funding department’s dean or vice president and the review and approval of the LCAS Office.

Please complete and submit the Service Request Form to the LCAS Office to be contacted regarding a specific need.

Related Policy

Easements and Rights-of-Way

All requests for easements and right-of-ways impacting or obligating real property owned by Clemson University or an affiliated organization of Clemson University must be submitted and approved by the LCAS Office.

Please complete and submit the Service Request Form to the LCAS Office to be contacted regarding a specific need.

To submit a roadway encroachment request, please fill out the application to begin the process.

Related Policies

Guidance and Stewardship


  • Oversees and manages the real estate and facilities owned by the University or an affiliated organization on the CU-ICAR campus.
  • Support CULSF with the buildout and development of the CU-ICAR Campus through project management and engagement.
  • Partner with the CU-ICAR Executive Director to carry out the mission of the Campus.
  • Facilitates the CU-ICAR Design Review Committee.
  • Engage with potential CU-ICAR campus partners and economic development groups as it relates to prospective partners and tenants on the campus.
  • Participate with University Facilities to help facilitate, oversee, and/or manage projects on the Campus.
  • Engage with jurisdictional and governmental agencies as necessary.


Statewide Grave Sites

  • Protect and preserve 15 off-campus sites where an undetermined number of graves are located on some of the 33,000 acres of Clemson-owned and managed property across the state of South Carolina.
  • Maintain or create public access to each site where it is feasible.
  • Engage with local communities in identifying the graves and understanding their historic significance.
  • Develop policies and procedures related to the management of the grave sites.


Laura H. Stoner

Assistant VP Real Estate Strategy & Operations


Mike Davis

Associate Director of Facilities Planning and Management


John V. Boyette Jr. PE

Special Project Manager


Ben Gajdalo

Facilities Manager


Michael Lee

Operations Manager


Bill Peeler

Real Estate Project Manager


Garland Veasey

Director of Statewide Gravesite Management


Office of Land and Capital Asset Stewardship
Office of Land and Capital Asset Stewardship | 5 Research Drive, Greenville SC 29607