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Clemson University Campus
Commission on Women


Commission Members

Jean McKendry, Chair
College of Education
Ann Marie Alexander
Corporate Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives
Katelynn Bortz
Women's Leadership
Marjorie Campbell
Marjorie Campbell
Caitlin Clark
Chemical Engineering
Jodi Cox
(Alternate Staff)
Graduate School
Hanna Gibson
Graphic Communication
Kenzie Hurley
(Alternate Doctoral Student)
Tommi Jones
University Facilities Capital Projects
Heather Kettrey
Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
Sandra Linder
(Alternate Faculty)
College of Education
Nicole Martinez
Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Leslie Moreland-Bishop
Athletic Administration
Makala Nelson
(Alternate Masters Student)
Counselor Education
Amber Padgett, Communications Coordinator
Enrollment Management
Irene Pericot-Valverde
Suzanne Price
Women's Leadership Program Liaison
Megan Sheffield
University Libraries
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith (Alternate Faculty)
Gabriela Stoicea
Department of Languages
Rhondda Thomas
Eden Wallace
Eden Wallace, Graduate Student
Dylan White
(Alternate Undergraduate Student)
Secondary Education
Missoury Wolff
Chemical Engineering

Ad Hoc Members

Heather Batt
Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences
Stephanie Garst
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Kendra Stewart-Tillman
Harvey & Lucinda Gantt Multicultural Center