Edible Insects Around the World

The practice of eating insects dates from prehistoric times and is well-documented in the early writings of most cultures. Even now, insects are viewed as both a staple and a delicacy by many. Insects can provide an important source of nutrition for people in many parts of the world. In regions where drought makes raising livestock or crops difficult, eating insects makes sense. Many cultures who use insects as a dietary staple would find decayed-milk products such as cheese, or bottom-feeders such as clams and oysters quite unappetizing.

Grasshoppers and termites are most commonly consumed, but crickets, cockroaches, dragonflies, sucking lice, cicadas, ants, butterflies, moths, and beetle, bee and wasp grubs are also specialties around the world. In fact, only the western world avoids eating insects. Try some of these tasty recipes. It could change your view of mealtime forever!