Program Creator

Captain Byron Wiley, Emerging Scholars founder at Clemson University, CS

Without Captain Byron Wiley, Emerging Scholars would not be here today. Not only did he have a long, distinguished career in the Navy, he worked all over the country in the higher education system, helping minority students and staff get equitable treatment. After coming to South Carolina, it didn’t take him long to realize the inequities in the education system in South Carolina. Instead of ignoring these problems, Captain Wiley took it upon himself to create Emerging Scholars even when others thought it would never work. With the support of Clemson President James Barker, he used office funds to bring the first group of students in Clemson in the summer of 2002. He realized all these students needed was a little motivation and access to the resources their communities were lacking. More than a decade later, the program is still going strong and has helped over 400 students reach their goal of college attendance. Even though Captain Wiley is no longer with us today, his legacy lives on through each and every student that Emerging Scholars has impacted.

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014 to remember and celebrate the life of Captain Byron A. Wiley, the South Carolina House of Representatives honored him for his strong commitment to education. The South Carolina House of Representatives expressed their gratitude for his many years of outstanding service with the Clemson University Emerging Scholars Program.