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Clemson Thinks2 Committees

Thinks2 LogoClemsonThinks2 Administration

The Clemson Thinks2 program is administratively housed in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Initial staffing for the program consists of a program director and an administrative assistant. The program’s founding Director was selected from among tenured faculty and leads efforts to recruit faculty for the program and develops plans for the ongoing recruitment of faculty. The director identifies and partners with campus offices to support Clemson Thinks2 and has oversight of the budget. The director also provides leadership for evaluation and assessment of the seminars for continual improvement. The director reports to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. The director manages the day-to-day operation of the office. He also works with the appropriate campus offices on course scheduling. The director develops and maintains campus-wide distribution of information about the courses and provides assistance to and support for faculty instructors. The administrative assistant provides the necessary support for the director.

Supporting Committees

The Implementation Team comprised of faculty, staff, and representatives from Academic Affairs and campus units that interface with and support the seminars continued to function during the first year of the program’s implementation. Three committees oversee Clemson Thinks2; an Advisory Committee was established to provide input and guidance for the program; an Assessment Committee oversees all assessment activities related to Clemson Thinks2; and a Faculty Proposal Review Committee reviews and recommends approval of Clemson Thinks2 proposals.

In addition, existing faculty and student committees and boards also provide input and guidance to sustain the Clemson Thinks2 program; for example, the Teaching with Technology Committee of the Office for Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation provides input and counsel related to Clemson Thinks2 faculty instructional support. student groups such as the Academic Affairs Committee of the Undergraduate student senate are consulted each semester for input and to gain students’ perspectives.

  • CT2 Advisory Committee

    The Clemson Thinks2 Advisory Committee  plays an important role in the development and implementation of the various programs and activities of Clemson Thinks2. The committee consists of the CT2 Faculty Scholars: faculty who have demonstrated success in fostering students’ critical thinking skills and scholarship associated with critical thinking. It is anticipated that Clemson Thinks2 will also offer one or more teaching awards to recognize faculty and graduate students who are demonstrating excellence in critical thinking pedagogy. The Clemson Thinks2 Advisory Committee will screen nominees for these awards. The Clemson Thinks2 Advisory Committee also provides expertise and support for guiding the development of faculty teaching the seminars.

    CT2 Advisory Committee Members

    Scott Brame - Environmental Engineering and Earth Science
    Lauren Duffy - PRTM
    Daniel Frost - Political Science
    Jennifer Goree - Student Affairs
    Sarah Grigg - General Engineering
    Karen Kettnich - English
    David Kwartowitz - Bioengineering
    Christine Minor - Biological Sciences
    Arelis Moore-Peralta - Family and Community Studies
    Tom Oberdan - STS
    Kirby Player - CAFLS
    Shannon Robert - Performing Arts
    Kelly Smith - Philosophy
    Ben Stephens - Psychology
    David Tonkyn - Biological Sciences
    Ellen Vincent - Horticulture
    Erica Walker - Graphic Communications
    Katherine Weisensee - Sociology

    David Knox - Clemson Thinks2

  • CT2 Assessment Committee

    Assessment is integral to the success of the Clemson Thinks2. Indeed, it was the analysis of assessment data that enabled the University to identify critical thinking skills as an area in need of improvement and thus to formulate of the plan for Clemson Thinks2. Early in the process the Steering Committee determined that the plan should be informed, nimble, and designed to accommodate continuous review and revision. The assessment plan is designed with multiple sources of measurement/ evidence taken at multiple points. The plan incorporates a central body, the Clemson Thinks2 Assessment Committee, to coordinate all assessment activities related to the QEP.

  • CT2 Faculty Proposal Review Committee

    The CT2 Faculty Proposal Review Committee reviews all course proposals for CT2 seminars on a rolling basis. This committee is responsible for closely examining proposals to ensure that they address the goals and student learning outcomes of CT2 and include the required seminar elements.

  • CT2 Steering Committee (Historical)

    The University began to develop the QEP in 2010 when faculty and administrative leaders attended a SACSCOC reaffirmation orientation in Atlanta. University President James Barker appointed a Steering Committee based on recommendations of College Deans and Vice Presidents. President Barker appointed Dr. Debra Jackson, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Assistant to the President, and Dr. William Surver, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Biology and former Faculty Senate President, as co-chairs of the Steering Committee. President Barker charged the Steering Committee with responsibility to select, plan, and implement the QEP on behalf of Clemson University. In his instructions to the steering Committee, President Barker outlined six requirements for the QEP:

    • It must align with Clemson’s 2020 Road map.
    • It must be campus wide.
    • It must be open to all.
    • It must involve engagement.
    • It must be transformative.
    • It must be sustainable.

    Under this charge, the Steering Committee began its work in September 2011 and completed its work in March 2013.

    CT2 Steering Committee members at Clemson University, Clemson SC

    Clemson Thinks2 Steering Committee members from left to right:

    Front Row: Perry Austin, Ellen Granberg, Aija Seflic, William Surver, Debra Jackson, Linda Nilson, Barbara Speziale, Teresa Henry, Joey Maxwell
    Back Row: Neill Cameron, David Tonkyn, Kelly Smith, Mary Beth McCubbin, Jan Murdoch, Verna Howell, Eric Shoaf, David Hartmann, Kathy Woodard, Erin McCave, Kathy Hobgood, John Cooper, James Gaubert, David Knox, Michael LeMahieu, William Pennington, Roy Jones