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Cadets in dress uniform lined up for photo.
Department of Military Leadership

Clemson Corps of Cadets

Clemson Corps of Cadets

Welcome to the Fightin' Tiger Battalion and Army ROTC.

Whether you are contracted and committed to service in the Army, or simply enrolled and checking out the program – we are glad to have you on the team. You have already separated yourselves from the pack by taking on this challenge. There is no better opportunity available to college students today in terms of learning and applying leadership skills. You will be challenged in our Leadership Development Program. You will learn about and be expected to live a set of values that translate beyond the Army and into the boardrooms of corporate America. It is no accident that companies all over the country seek out those with military experience – for it is our ability to lead that gives us the decisive edge over the competition.

You will apply leadership fundamentals not just in the classroom, but through a variety of exciting and rigorous training events during leadership labs. You will lead small units through a multitude of tactical scenarios. You will plan and execute training events such as land navigation and orienteering, first aid training, rappelling, combat water survival and many others. You will learn about physical fitness and get in the best shape of your life.

Congratulations on qualifying to be part of our program. Enjoy the journey and be proud of yourself for being willing to do what most others cannot or will not do.

Tiger Strong!

LTC Eric Christiansen

Chain of Command

The below image shows the Chain of Command hierarchy. You can also view/download the Chain of Command PDF here.

Chain of Command graphic.
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Clemson ARMY ROTC Chain of Command

Course: ML1, Primary-MAJ Gural, Asst.-SFC Jacoba
Course: ML2, Primary-CPT Presto, Asst.-SSG Jennings
Course: ML3, Primary-CPT Merhar, Asst.-SFC Harmon
Course: ML4, Primary-LTC Christiansen, Asst.-All
Course: Mil Hist., Primary-CPT Presto, Asst.-Mr. Jordan

Yellow=Active Duty, Black=GS, White=Contractor, Gray=AGR Guard/Reserve, Purple=Clemson Staff, Dotted line=When Available

  • PMS LTC Christiansen, ML Dep Chair (yellow)
    • CU Admin Asst. Ms. Stevens (purple)
    • SMI MSG Bland (yellow)
    • Support
      • XO MAJ Gural (gray)
        • S2
          • RECRUITING Mr. Samuelson (black)
          • OCR SSG Terry, SSG Chupp (gray)
          • Army Reserve Recruiter SFC Longnecker (dotted and yellow)
          • GOLD BAR RECRUITER 2LT Hanko (dotted and yellow)
        • S1/4
          • HR/S1 Ms. Ryan (black)
          • HR/S1 Ms. Nickelson (black)
          • Admin SFC Hills (yellow)
          • SUPPLY/S4 Mr. Brinkman (black)
        • S3
          • Operations MAJ Teagarden, Mr. Jordan (white)
    • APMS
      • ML3 CPT Merhar (yellow)
      • ML3 SFC Harmon (yellow)
      • ML1 & A/ROO MAJ Gural (gray)
      • ML1 SFC Jacoba (yellow)
      • ML2 CPT Presto (yellow)
      • ML2 SSG Jennings (yellow)

ROTC-affiliated Clubs:

  • Scabbard & Blade-SFC Harmon
  • Ranger Club-MSG Bland
  • Tiger Platoon-MAJ Teagarden
  • Pershing Rifles-SFC Harmon
  • Ranger Challenge-MSG Bland

As of November 2019.

Army ROTC | 515 Sirrine Hall, Box 341351, Clemson, S.C. 29634