Hosted by CAFLS Alumni Board, our annual tailgate brings thousands of friends together to celebrate CAFLS, our industry and the Tigers. Oh and there is a football game against Syracuse that day! 

Tailgate begins 3 hours prior to kickoff.  Kickoff times are determined one-week in advance by ESPN.

CAFLS Tailgate features informative displays, children’s activities, a special gift announcement as well as many other happenings. Tailgate is open to all and free of charge.  Meal tickets and t-shirts can be purchased, contact CAFLS Director of Recruitment for more details.  NO FOOTBALL TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE through CAFLS.

If you do not see the form, please link here to complete a GoogleDoc.

For more information, contact CAFLS Director of Recruitment at cafls_recruit-l@clemson.edu or 888-472-5433