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Online Title IX Course

Clemson is committed to providing a campus environment that is free from sexual discrimination. Because we are all responsible for the safety of our community, all students, faculty, staff and administrators are encouraged to complete an online Title IX training course. Think About It is an interactive web-based course that helps educate students about healthy relationships, sexual assault, alcohol use, policies, procedures and resources.

Undergraduate students who have taken Think About It or Graduate Assistants who have taken EDU: Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence do not need to take the current course offering. Click here to access the course, login with your Clemson login, and take the course you are assigned. The course will save your progress if you need to leave and come back to it. We hope all students will find the course helpful in making healthy, safe choices while at Clemson!

For technical support, please review the Troubleshooting Guide or you may contact Campus Clarity directly at either or 800-652-9546. For any concerns or feedback about the course, please contact