Mail Smart Forms

Available Request Forms

Select the appropriate form below to order services from the Clemson University Bulk Mail Center. If you should have any questions about what we can do or how to complete the request forms, please contact us at 864-656-7720 or

Please complete the form at least five business days prior to the date you need your mailing sent to the post office to allow us the necessary time to complete your request.

  • Mail Request Form – this form is used for all outgoing, large (bulk) mailings. Please download form and email to, along with mailing list. Our team will respond within (1) business day to provide confirmation of receipt.
  • Exception Request Form – as per Clemson University policy, all mail utilizing Clemson’s permit must be processed though the Clemson University Mail Center to maintain the highest levels of quality and to conform to all USPS regulations. There will be rare instances where a bulk job may need to mailed from another location. If that is the case, please download this form and email to, along with a sample of the mail piece. Our team will respond on the acceptance of the request within (1) business day.