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Non-Profit Management

This specialization is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to meet the complex challenges faced by the non-profit sector across the United States and globally. To ensure the success of the program, input from professionals currently working in the non-profit sector contributed to the course design. The 15-credit specialization includes one core MPA course and four concentration classes designed to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Issues addressed are the history, values, ethics and philosophies of non-profits, their legal structures, revenue sources, governance and human resource management. Students develop their skills in program evaluation, budgeting and resource management, public relations and marketing, quantitative analysis and policy-making and analysis. » Read More

Regional Sustainability

This specialization provides administrators with an understanding of sustainable development practices. Students learn about the public services needed to build sustainable and resilient communities, the challenges associated with the process, and the ways to address those challenges through implementing policy change. » Read More

Local and State Government

The Local Government Specialization is the cornerstone of the Clemson MPA. Many of our current students and graduates work within local and county government as department heads in city and county management. The specialization focuses on the policy environment in which the local manager must operate. Special emphasis is placed on policy implementation and evaluation. » Read More

Emergency Management

South Carolina was the only state that did not offer emergency management training. Now, Clemson University offers such training to emergency management professionals. The 15-credit specialization includes one of the MPA core classes and four courses that build around the four phases of emergency management, Preparation, Response, Recovery & Mitigation.Each semester will include at least one emergency management course and one Homeland Security course, among the other MPA courses that may be of interest.

We are striving to prepare Emergency Management professionals for their desired professional credentials. Courses offered will be determined, in part, through the requests of state emergency management associations and affiliated groups.Students in this specialization often take coursework in Homeland Defense and Security to supplement their academic program. » Read More

Homeland Defense and Security

This specialization provides technical training and builds management skills for professionals who work with threats and vulnerabilities systems. The focus is on key institutions, actors, and legal structures. Students examine current homeland security initiatives and learn to analyze their theoretical underpinnings and application features. Students in this specialization often take coursework in Emergency Management to supplement their academic program. » Read More

Special Topics & One-Credit Courses

Geographic Information Systems for Public Administrators – PADM 8420
This course is designed to provide the knowledge and understanding of GIS technology, application and theory needed by those who will administer GIS programs, interact with GIS programs and integrate GIS programs into their organization whether it be government private, non-profit or other.

Grant Writing for Public Administration – PADM 8450
Catalog Description: The class will cover:

  1. developing a fundable project;
  2. researching public/governmental corporate, and foundation funding sources;
  3. finding and using statistics to make ones case;
  4. writing a grant proposal;
  5. evaluating and disseminating project outcomes;
  6. managing grants, including finances, personnel, accountability reporting, and project sustainability.

Applied Professional Courses

The Clemson University Masters in Public Administration Program is excited to offer periodic professional specialization 1-Credit hour special topic courses for Public Administration practitioners. These courses can be used to meet professional development, MPA certificate or MPA degree requirements. The courses also specifically meet ICMA practice areas. The courses will be offered synchronously online and will meet 2 hours a week for approximately 7 weeks.