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Civil Engineering

Danny Metz

Danny Metz

Lab Technologist III
Civil Engineering

Office: Lowry Hall 137
Phone: 864-656-3328


Educational Background

BS Mechanical Engineering
Clemson University


  • 35 + years of tool and fixture design, manual machining, fabrication, basic electrical work, woodworking, problem-solving


Collaborates with faculty, staff and students on research projects, class projects and Civil Engineering sponsored events where technical expertise, safety, security or purchasing acumen is required. Provide cost estimates and construction times for jobs, and develop Bills of Materials (BoM) for projects. Provide support and coordination for CE sponsored events (concrete canoe competitions, steel bridge competitions, CE advisory board).

Manages and directs technicians, student assistants and graduate students hired for special projects. Interviews, hires and trains new technicians. Manages all undergraduate and research laboratories to certify all equipment is in proper working condition and students are operating the equipment properly. Train students in the proper use of equipment.

Supervise all Civil Engineering labs to ensure all testing is done safely. Directs the maintenance and repair of lab equipment to verify safe and efficient working conditions. Oversees OSHA and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance. Lead training sessions for both undergrads and grad students using our labs. Provide training for steel bridge team on the proper use of machine tools.

Conduct reviews of billing rates and space surveys for the Comptroller’s Office. Consult with Principal Investigators to set billing rates for use of equipment by outside entities. Conduct space surveys for Comptroller to set indirect cost rates with the Federal government. Conduct similar space survey reviews for COES. Supervise yearly inventory to locate all equipment as per Fixed Assets.

Coordinate all construction and renovation in the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering. Meet with architects, project managers, and contractors. Develop timelines to phase work. Oversee contractors on site and report problems to Capital Projects. Work with contractors to resolve problems.


Worked with Savannah River National Lab to study wildfires in the Southeast. Designed and build many one-off devices to measure a house’s resistance to burning. Designed devices to create and launch firebrands into the air stream to set full-scale houses on fire. Burned full-scale houses in IBHS wind tunnel. Completed May 2011.

Installed strain gauges in freefall lifeboats in Dundee, Scotland to study the effects of the boats 55mph impact with the water on the captain and passengers. Conducted for British Petroleum. Completed November 1992.
<br/.Installed sonar and time domain reflectometers in rivers around SC to study bridge scour at the piers for SCDOT. Developed tools and methods to “jet” instruments into the riverbed. Completed February 2014.

Designed and built a floating boat dock to study lake evaporation for DNR. Dock was solar powered and used pumps and a computer to acquire data from multiple sensors. Completed March 2014.

Designed, installed and maintained 19 rain gauges for SCDOT around the perimeter of SC to study rainfall and its relation to retention pond size. These gauges were solar powered and satellite-linked for easy access to real-time data. Completed September 2009.