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Mechanical Engineering

Stephan Bass

Stephen Bass

Lab Specialist II
Mechanical Engineering
Technical Support

Office: Fluor Daniel G-09
Phone: 864-656-3495


Educational Background

Associate of Science Degree
Tri-County Technical College

Nuclear Qualified Machinist
A and C Machinery School US Navy


  • Electroplating Machining
  • Lathe Grinder
  • Welding
  • Damage Control Qualified
  • Advanced Damage Control Qualified
  • ISO 9000 Qualified


Laboratory Technologist II, Consults with faculty, students, and staff to help them achieve their research goals.


Designed and machined a mold to be used by students and faculty for knee implant research - Dr. Martine LaBerge, Bioengineering

Machined a test fixture and bearing components for fatigue testing of carbon fiber hip stems - Dr. John Kennedy, Mechanical Engineering

Aided in the design of a smart blending extruding die, and machined the components to produce a polymer film that contained vitamins, and other additives to extend the shelf life of food goods such as MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) - Dr. Dave Zumbrunnen, Mechanical Engineering

Machined components for the Lignin project, which examined how a waste byproduct from the paper manufacturing industry could be converted into a useable source of energy - Dr. Mark Thies, Chemical, and Biomolecular Engineering

Machined, polished and assembled an acrylic heart valve test chamber - Dr. Richard Figliola, Mechanical Engineering <br/.
It's Laboratory Technologist II and Undergraduate lab Technician.