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Materials Science and Engineering

David White

David White

Systems Programmer III
Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: 864-508-1492


Educational Background

AS Electronics
Ohio State University


  • Troubleshoots electronic devices such as furnaces
  • Modification and repair of systems and apparatus
  • Maintains computer systems, including DOS, NT, 2000 based ones, that run analytical equipment no longer supported by CCIT
  • Designs and constructs electronic devices to support various requests in MSE


Systems programmer III, provides IT support to faculty and staff. Troubleshoots electronic devices and serves as liaison to CCIT for unique networking configuration required for research equipment.


Extruder heating band upgrade/rebuild, Dr. Stevens

Installation and modification of control systems for quad component extruder, Dr. Brown

Design and construction of Charge injection nozzle for electrospinning, Dr. Brown

Design and construction of winder and apparatus for testing of piezoelectric properties of spider silk., Dr. Ellison