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Frequent Questions

    • When is the program? The program is Sunday, July 8 - Saturday, July 14, 2018 at Clemson University.

    • Who is eligible to apply? Any high school student who will be a senior in the 2018-2019 academic year are eligible to apply.

    • What if my high school does not a class rank? You can still apply to the program. We will calculate your class rank with the information on your transcript.

    • What if I’m not in the top 20% of my class? If you are not in the top 20% of your class, you can still apply to the program. We will take into consideration the other aspects of your application.

    • What if I don’t live in South Carolina? You do not have to be a resident of South Carolina to participate in the program.

    • What happens after I apply? Applications will be reviewed. You will receive an email of acceptance or non-acceptance in the program about a month after the deadline. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive additional information to secure your seat.

    • What is included during the program? If accepted into the program, you will stay in one of the residence halls and will be provided a meal plan.

    • Will there be other expenses after the $100 program fee? No. You will not incur any other fees during the time of the program. However, you are responsible for your own travel to get to and from Clemson University.

    • What if I cannot afford the $100 program fee? Please do not let the fee discourage you to apply. Limited scholarships will be available for students based on financial need. You will receive this information if you are accepted into the program.

    • Do I get credit for the academic sessions? There is no course credit. Academic sessions give you a glimpse into the Clemson classroom experience and exposure to our amazing faculty.

    • Do I have to be interested in STEM areas to apply? No. We encourage all to apply. While the academic sessions in STEM are a priority, there will be other courses added based on demand.