The research and scholarship produced at the Charles H. Houston Center is designed to inform researchers, educational personnel, and other stakeholders regarding the Black experience in education. Accordingly, the Charles H. Houston Center explores the impact of demographic factors, academic orientations, school characteristics, and academic and social experiences on African American students' academic achievement, psychosocial development, and educational outcomes from pre-kindergarten through college to the workforce. Additionally, we examine racial diversity issues in education such as the representation of African Americans in gifted education as well as the diversity of teachers, school counselors, and administrators. Moreover, we examine issues related to the recruitment, retention, and success of underrepresented students, staff, administrators, and institutions in higher education. The Charles H. Houston Center also pursues scholarly presentations to disseminate research and scholarship to highlight educational issues impacting African Americans such as the biennial symposium in conjunction with Harvard University’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice.