Gen Z Student Learning

The goal of this multi-semester, multi-stage student project with Instructor Ashley Fisk's Business Writing course was to capture the current state of academic learning at Clemson, highlighting the teaching and learning practices most beneficial to today’s student, and projecting future directions for course-based learning.

Students started with background research on students and surveys of Gen Z, starting with the publication Ggeneration Z Goes to College. Next, they created their own survey focusing questions on formal learning and preferred teaching practices. Interviews with students followed the survey and then analysis into reports (below).  For more on this program's outcomes, see this presentation to the Adobe Creative Campuses conference.

The following are some products from student groups and our World Cafe (a concluding session with students and faculty), all of which may help you make decisions about what curriculum and pedagogical choices reach students best.

 The project led to inviting Dr. Peter Felten, Elon University, to present regarding the University Student Experience today.  You may access this presentation with Clemson ID (through Ensemble).