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Clemson Collaborations in Service-Learning Archived Webcast

Developing a Service-Learning Project that Meets both the Needs of the Community Partner and the Student

Archived Webcast, April 19, 2012

Clemson University Nursing Faculty member Jackie Gillespie will discuss the use of service-learning projects in Community Health Nursing and how these can be used as a tool to help the Nursing student apply classroom learning in  " a real community arena".  Nursing student  Hilliary Baker will share how her nursing education was enhanced through a service learning project. In addition, a community partner, Dr Arlene Privette, PI Coordinator/Staff Educator of Oconee Medical Center Hospice of the Foothills, will discuss how agencies can share in the education of nursing students and also benefit from the service these students and their faculty members can provide.

PowerPoint presentation to download for the Webinar   - Clemson Service-Learning Nursing     

Here's the direct link to the file for download:

Jackie Gillespie Hilliary Baker N/A
Jackie Gillespie Hilliary Baker Arlene Privette


Mrs. Jackie Gillespie, Senior Lecturer, Clemson University School of Nursing , College of Health, Education, and Human Development

Ms. Hilliary Baker, Clemson University Nursing Student

Dr. Arlene Privette, PI Coordinator and Staff Educator, Oconee Medical Center Hospice of the Foothills

Clemson Collaborations in Service-Learning Webcast

Clemson University Collaborations in Service-Learning is sponsored by the Clemson Service Alliance. The Service Alliance promotes the use of community service and service-learning by Clemson faculty in classes with both undergraduate and graduate students in all major disciplinary areas. The Collaborations radio webcasts are an opportunity to hear from some of our Clemson Service Alliance Faculty Fellows, their students, and their community partners about  service-learning projects around the state of S.C., and to learn about the impact of these service-learning projects on the community and on student learning outcomes.  In 2011- 2012, we will be focusing on service –learning classes in five different disciplinary areas: Planning and Landscape Architecture, English, Languages, Teacher Education, and Nursing. Thank you for participating, and we hope that service-learning practitioners in both K- 12 and higher education will find these workshops very helpful in the course development, implementation, and evaluation process.