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Clemson Collaborations in Service-Learning Archived Webcast

Using Service-Learning Service and Technical Writing:Clemson University’s Client-Based Learning Program

Clemson Collaborations in Service-Learning Webcast, September 27, 2011

Clemson University’s Client-Based Program is an award- winning service-learning program that matches business and technical writing classes with local clients who need communication deliverables. Students in the classes work in teams to create the deliverables needed by the clients, which include non-profit agencies, public schools, corporations, and university departments.

Since 2003,  more than 3,686 students in more than 194 sections of business and technical writing have produced more than 850 deliverables, ranging from white papers and research reports to fact sheets and brochures, from poster presentations and instruction manuals to web sites, multimedia presentations, and radio, TV, and print advertisements. More than 30 writing faculty and 142 clients from the campus and community have also been involved.

The program is designed to help students learn writing skills that will transfer to the workplace. Students are exposed to the complexities of working with actual audiences and actual needs, and they learn to solve problems through writing. The projects, and the enthusiastic involvement of the clients, demonstrate to students the value placed on writing in the workplace. Starting Fall of 2011 the Client Based Program will come under the Pearce Studio for Communication. This partnership will allow the program to expand and include other disciplines.

This webcast will introduce participants to the client-based writing program and the learning outcomes for students in the program, and also highlight some of the projects students have worked on with a local K-12 school, Adult Education Center, and private corporation. 

  • About the Client Based Program
  • Start
  • Current Statistics
  • Future
  • Highlight 3-4 projects:
  • Influences (an ethics DVD produced by business writing and high school drama students)
  • Adult Education Center
  • Shorewood Packaging (working with a corporate client)

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Videos on the Client-Based Writing Program:

Client-Based Program Website:

PowerPoint Presentation:

PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation:  Using Service-Learning to Teach Business and Technical Writing

Ashley Cowden Michael LeMahieu Phil Randall
Ashley Cowden Michael LeMahieu Phil Randall


Ashley Cowden:  Senior Lecturer, English and Client-Based Program Coordinator
Michael LeMahieu: Assistant Professor, English and Director of the Pearce Studio for Communications
Phil Randall:  Lecturer, English, Client-Based Program Faculty

Clemson Collaborations in Service-Learning Webcast

Clemson University Collaborations in Service-Learning is sponsored by the Clemson Service Alliance. The Service Alliance promotes the use of community service and service-learning by Clemson faculty in classes with both undergraduate and graduate students in all major disciplinary areas. The Collaborations radio webcasts are an opportunity to hear from some of our Clemson Service Alliance Faculty Fellows, their students, and their community partners about  service-learning projects around the state of S.C., and to learn about the impact of these service-learning projects on the community and on student learning outcomes.  In 2011- 2012, we will be focusing on service –learning classes in five different disciplinary areas: Planning and Landscape Architecture, English, Languages, Teacher Education, and Nursing. Thank you for participating, and we hope that service-learning practitioners in both K- 12 and higher education will find these workshops very helpful in the course development, implementation, and evaluation process.