Guidelines for Deployed/Activated Military Students

Absences Related to Military Drill or Training

According to the Clemson Undergraduate Catalog (which also protects graduate students), under Excused Absences:

A student may be excused from attending class in cases of emergency or other compelling reasons deemed appropriate by the course instructor. Excuses for emergency absences must be reported to the course instructor as soon as possible (for example, through e-mail), but not more than one week after the return to class. In certain cases, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (or designee) may provide a letter verifying the student’s absence as excused. Course instructors are expected to excuse absences for reasons including:

6. Required participation in military obligations as certified by the student’s commanding officer.

Course instructors must implement fair grading procedures and provide an opportunity to make up missed assignments and examinations that does not unfairly penalize the student when an excused absence is accepted. Such make-up work shall be at the same level of difficulty with the missed assignment or examination. Course instructors shall hold all students with excused absences to the same standard for making up missed assignments or examinations.

Example of appropriate accommodation: Allowing student to retake missed exam or assignment after returning from military duties.

Example of inappropriate accommodation: Removing a missed exam from student’s curriculum (this creates inequitable treatment for student).

Students should communicate early and often with all of your professors, sharing a copy of their military orders (with sensitive/classified info redacted), and updating them as necessary. The student will work with their professor(s) to determine alternative learning/study plan (i.e. adjust assignment due dates, allow online submission of assignments/tests while activated, etc.).

Faculty are required to work with activated students around their military obligations, within reason. The earlier the student communicates and prepare your faculty, the more accommodating they are likely to be. If you have any issues, please contact Military and Veteran Engagement at or the Office of Undergraduate Studies ( so they can assist as needed. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with professors, and earlier is always better.

Since this is an Excused Absence through university policy, these absences should not negatively affect course grades based on attendance policies (some professors have class policies that dock grades for absences which should be exempt for military activations).

Deployed or Called to Active Duty

If you are activated or deployed for a length of time that requires you to drop or postpone your courses, follow these instructions to receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees.