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Undergraduate Studies Information for Faculty

Faculty at Clemson University, Clemson SC

Regulations and Policies/Documents

Download Undergraduate Class Regulations Letter

Download Curriculum Guidelines

Download the review "Why Rate My Professors and Other Sites Do Not Benefit Students' Registration Decisions" 

Undergraduate Committees

The Council on Undergraduate Studies recommends to the Academic Council all policy matters which originate with it, from the colleges, the Faculty Senate, the Student Senate or form the various subcommittees that report to it.

  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

    The University Curriculum Committees act for the faculty in reviewing all proposals for curricular changes, and recommends such changes to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. The Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees shall have jurisdiction over undergraduate and graduate matters respectively.

    University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee - Approved curricula and minutes

    See Faculty Manual for additional information.

  • Academic Advising Committee

    Oversees coordination of University activities (including college academic advising centers, academic support center, colleges, etc.); information advisors of current policies on advising; periodically reviews the mission of academic advising; coordinates assessments of the University advising system; and provides professional development for advisors.

    For more information, see the Academic Advising Website.

  • Summer Reading Advisory Committee

    [Currently re-examining the role and implementation of the summer reading program. Contact Dean Griffin if you have questions.]