Committees and Task Forces

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Committees and Task Forces

There are a variety of committees and task forces that work on programs and policies related to global engagement at Clemson University.

Council on Global Engagement

The Council on Global Engagement allows for the coordination of global engagement efforts across all academic units of the university.

  • I. Responsibilities

    a. Coordinates information and recommends to the Associate Provost for Global Engagement policies and plans for:
    • Global engagement programming (such as study abroad, as well as internship, co-op, and service learning opportunities);
    • International Student and Scholar Services;
    • Other activities and opportunities related to the comprehensive internationalization of the campus.

    b. The elected faculty members on the committee serve as the curriculum committee for International Studies (IS) and are thereby authorized to develop and review proposals for IS courses and curricula, and submit them to either the University’s Undergraduate or Graduate Curriculum Committee (as appropriate) for approval.

    c. Subcommittees are chartered by the Council as needed; each of these subcommittees will have at least one member selected from the voting membership of the Council.

    d. The Council on Global Engagement shall meet at least twice per academic year.

  • II. Membership

    a. One regular faculty member elected from each college and Library elected by the faculty accorded voting rights in each college and Library shall serve staggered two-year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms;

    b. One undergraduate student nominated by the Undergraduate Student Senate President and appointed by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies serve a renewable one-year term;

    c. One graduate student nominated by the President of the Graduate Student Government and appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School serves a renewable one-year term;

    d. One faculty or staff representative appointed by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies serves a renewable one-year term;

    e. A faculty or staff representative appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School serves a renewable one-year term;

    f. A staff representative appointed by the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management serves a renewable one-year term.

    g. Non-voting members
    • The Director of Clemson Abroad;
    • The Director of the Office of International Services;
    • One staff member appointed by the Dean of Students.

    h. The Associate Provost for Global Engagement, who shall serve as a non-voting chair.

  • III. Members of the Council for Global Engagement the 2019-2020 academic year
    College/Department Member Date of Term
    OGE Chair Sharon Nagy, Assoc Provost for Global Engagement n/a
    CAFLS Dil Thavarajah, Assoc Professor, Plant Env Sci 2018-2020
    CAAH Kumiko Saito, Asst Prof, Languages 2018-2020
    CBSHS Roxanne Amerson, Assoc Prof, School of Nursing 2018-2020
    COB G. Brandon Lockhart, Assoc Prof, Dept of Finance 2018-2020
    COE Celeste Compton Bomely Bates 2019-2021
    CECAS Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte, Asst Prof Mech Engr 2018-2020
    COS Matthew Macauley, Assoc Prof, Math Sci 2018-2020
    University Libraries Janessa Marie McElfresh 2019-2021
    Undergraduate Student TBD 2019-2020
    Graduate Student Miles Maynard, GSG President 2010-2020
    Undergraduate Studies, Faculty or Staff Rep Bridget Trogden, Assoc Dean Undergraduate Studies 2019-2020
    Graduate School, Faculty or Staff Rep William Ferrell, Prof, Industrial Engineering 2019-2020
    Enrollment Management, Staff Rep Vacant -
    Student Affairs, Staff Rep Vacant -
    Senior Director of Global Engagement Kyle David Anderson n/a
    Director of Clemson Abroad Paul D. Paparella n/a
    Director of International Services Lindsey Hill n/a

High-Risk Travel Review Group

The High-Risk Travel Review Group is an ad hoc committee that convenes when necessary to review requests from students and faculty to travel to countries and regions that are under travel advisories from the U.S. Department of State. You can read the policy for high risk review here.

College Committees and Liaisons

OGE also works with global liaisons and faculty committees embedded in the colleges who provide resources and support to their faculty and students. For questions about policies within a particular college, please contact the appropriate individual from the list below.

College International Committee Chairperson Study Abroad Liaison
CAFLS Dil Thavarajah Paula Beecher
CAAH Diane Perpich Regina Foster
CBSHS Denise Anderson -
COB Brandon Turner Gaby Peschiera
COE Matthew Boyer -
CECAS Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte Matt Long
COS Matthew Macauley Yuki Kihara

Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CUCDI)

The Clemson University Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CUCDI) exists to ensure students, faculty, staff and community members have the ability to share, address and resolve issues facing the university.