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Humanities Advancement Board

The Clemson University Humanities Advancement Board invests in Clemson’s Humanities departments and programs, e.g., English, History and Geography, Languages, Pan African Studies, Philosophy and Religion, Women’s Leadership, and World Cinema. The Humanities Advancement Board is deeply engaged in supporting the academic mission of Clemson's humanities programs. The group meets regularly with faculty and administrators – and both as a group and individually – support and encourage the advancement of the humanities at Clemson.

 The Humanities Advancement Board, now in its fourth decade of supporting the Humanities at Clemson, has helped initiate, fund, and achieve the following Clemson milestones:

  •  Phi Beta Kappa membership for Clemson University, national recognition for excellence in the liberal arts.
  • The Clemson Literary Festival. A faculty-led team of students bring international authors to Clemson. Past authors include Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners, and the Poet Laureate of the United States. 
  • The Clemson University Ethics Bowl team, a debate format that prizes considerations of value.
  • Law, Liberty and Justice Summer Internship
  • Humanities Fellows, faculty chosen by their peers and offered support for Humanities research.
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