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For current and updated policies and procedures related to mail services, student mail services, managed document services and printing services, please visit the COVID-19 Business Guidance page.

Mail Smart

Mail Smart provides all mailing services to the University, including faculty/staff pickup and delivery, mailing supplies, project packaging and bulk mailings. We deliver all USPS mail daily to all on-campus locations. Using the latest technology, we track each package we receive to ensure chain-of-custody and provide departments with accurate data and reporting. We make sending letters and packages easy! Just place any outgoing mail at your designated mail stop. Our team will retrieve and process, in most cases, daily. We have the hardware and expertise to post each letter and ship each package with accuracy and bill your department automatically. For large mailings, our team can process your bulk mailings providing the highest discounts available, address corrections, and detailed information on the rate of deliverability and timeliness.

Our experienced staff is available to discuss your mail needs and guide you through every step of the process to ensure you have the highest level of success!

Package Shipping Update

Clemson University enjoys discounted shipping rates, negotiated by the State of South Carolina, with the primary package carriers UPS and FedEx. Unfortunately, the discounts provided by UPS are no longer in place as negotiations with the state are taking place and it is undetermined when they will return. To remain fiscally responsible, the University is recommending all departments ship via FedEx when possible. If on campus, the department can continue to place any outgoing packages at their mailstop for pick up by Mail Services. That team will process those items using FedEx. Likewise, faculty and staff may also drop off packages at the Dillard Mail Center for processing. For those departments not physically served by Mail Services, such as the Extension Offices, a FedEx sub account can be created to continue to take advantage of discounted shipping rates. Please see the steps below For questions, please contact Mail Services at 864-656-7720.

  1. Complete the sections in GREEN and ORANGE of the FedEx Account Creation Form and email form to
  2. Once FedEx sets up the account, you will receive an email with your new account number.
  3. Go to the FedEx website to create a new log in. The process asks for a credit card, but it can be skipped since one will not be needed.
  4. Once done, you can go to Your Profile and enter your Account number under Account Management on the left.
  5. Finally, when creating a shipment, be sure to select that account during the payment selection process.

Questions? See our Mail Smart Frequently Asked Questions page.

Clemson University Mail Permit Process Policy

Clemson University maintains several mailing permits, issued by the United States Postal Service for processing various classes of mail: First-Class, Standard Class, Nonprofit and Business Reply Mail. The university’s contracted mail services facility, known as Mail Smart Services, manages the usage of Clemson mailing permits in compliance with all United States Postal Services rules and regulations. Please read this policy and contact Mail Smart for more information.

Clemson University Mail Permit Usage Policy


Our Location

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For more information, questions or comments about the Mail Services, please contact us at or call 864-656-7720

Bulk Mail Services Available to Faculty/Staff and Clemson Community

Clemson Mail Services specializes in a range of mail fulfillment options to suit your needs:

  • Bulk Mail Services for Mailings over 200 pieces
  • Planning: Paper, design and Size requirements that get you the most savings!
  • Mailing List Assistance
  • Scheduling
  • Addressing
  • Direct Ink-Jet Impressions
  • Tabbing
  • Sorting
  • Sealing
  • Final Mail Preparation
  • Bulk Mail Tracking and Reporting