Outbound Shipping

When shipping items for Clemson University, there may be Export Control compliance requirements as well as other requirements for chemicals, biologics, controlled substances, and/or proprietary information. This page is designed to familiarize you and provide instructions on how to initiate an outbound shipment approval.


Clemson University has launched a cloud-hosted shipping system that provides a single point, centralized shipping solution deployed across the entire University (main campus and all state-wide locations) to manage outbound shipments. We are currently piloting this system with a small group on campus.

The solution, eShipGlobal (eShip), will enhance export and hazmat compliance and automate shipment creation, billing and invoicing processes. eShip will have a single sign-on function that ties in with the Clemson directory.

Once logged into eShip (which is cloud based and accessible from any device you typically use for Clemson activity), the system will ask a series of questions. Based on the responses, eShip will provide rate shop pricing, the ability to print the shipping label and any necessary paperwork (i.e. hazmat documentation). The shopping rate will have South Carolina’s contracted FedEx rates, including USPS, DHL and UPS carrier rate tables loaded so you choose the best option. The system has built-in notifications that can be sent to the person shipping the item such as when it was picked up, delivered, any exceptions, etc. 

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Live training opportunities:

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Current Policy

Clemson University has issued a policy regarding International Shipping 


What is eShipGlobal?

eShipGlobal provides a single point of access to price, ship, track, manage and pay for shipments, as well as compare rates and services between multiple carriers. eShipGlobal provides processes for all domestic and international shipments, including those containing biological materials, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, dry ice, and non-regulated materials. This program satisfies the University’s need for streamlined shipping across campus as well as oversight and control of hazardous and foreign shipments.

Why did Clemson select eShipGlobal for all outbound package shipping for University employees?

While the primary goal of this system is to streamline shipping across campus and minimize the University’s risk associated with moving hazardous or other regulated materials and to ensure compliance with safety and export regulations as well as other mandates, the online system also offers benefits to all University business shippers. These include allowing users to:

  • Choose from a variety of carriers (UPS, FedEx and DHL) to determine which one best meets their specific needs
  • Shop and compare costs to ensure Schools and Centers receive the best price from available carriers
  • Track shipments from an integrated at-a-glance dashboard, regardless of the carrier used to ship the package, and receive automatic notifications
  • Preprint shipping labels.
  • Easily schedule pickups

For those individuals who need to ship hazardous materials, the system verifies that shippers have the proper training and helps ensure shipments are prepared in accordance with the most current dangerous goods regulations from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). The system also provides guidance to those who need to ship internationally.

Who can use eShipGlobal?

Any Clemson University employee.

What is my log-in credential for eShipGlobal at Clemson?

Use your Clemson user ID and password to authenticate and log-in to eShipGlobal.  You can access eShipGlobal from the Mail Services website or from any computer worldwide.

Account Numbers: Do I need to enter a shipper account number anywhere when completing the Express Shipping web form?

No, you will not need a shipper number (ie FedEx/UPS/DHL/etc). The account number is already programmed into eShipGlobal.

Benefits: What are the benefits of using eShipGlobal for online ordering of express shipping services?
  • improves invoicing accuracy through charging validation
  • saves you time and money
  • provides you with Clemson’s discounted pricing
  • gives the ability to track your orders
  • increases efficiency through quick access to sender/recipient information
  • emails tracking information to others if necessary
Benefits: Do I have to use eShipGlobal for outbound package shipping services?

Yes. Using eShipGlobal is the University’s sole solution for outbound package shipping services at Clemson. Once trained, eShipGlobal will be the only authorized shipping solution and shippers using external carrier accounts will be prohibited.

Benefits: May I use eShipGlobal for international express shipments?

Yes. Clemson receives competitive international rates from FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS so using eShipGlobal for international FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS shipments is advisable for this reason as well as the other benefits listed above.

May I use eShipGlobal for personal use?

No. Currently eShipGlobal is only set up for use with University charging instructions not personal credit cards, which would be required to process a personal transaction.

How do I order supplies for shipping items?

Clemson faculty and staff can obtain express shipping supplies, free of charge, directly from any of the carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL) by following the steps below. Supplies are also available from the local carrier offices.

    UPS and FedEx supplies can be ordered directly from their websites. Your supplies will be delivered in 5-7 business days.
  • DHL
    To order supplies from DHL, please contact Mail Services at 864-656-7720 or Mailsmart@clemson.edu and supplies will be ordered and delivered to you.
  • Alternatively, you can email support@eshipglobal.com with the carrier, delivery contact and address, quantity and type of supplies needed and eShipGlobal's support team will order those on your behalf.
Cancellations and Changes: What do I do if I make a mistake on a label or I have created a label for a package that I decide not to ship according to the date on the label?

If you make a mistake or need to update a label, you must cancel the shipment and create a new label. Please note that you cannot edit or reuse a label. By design, every package must have a unique shipping label because each bar code is a point of control for the carrier.

The good news is that eShipGlobal also gives you the ability to cancel a shipment yourself and create a new label rather than calling the carrier to cancel the shipment which normally results in a $10 correction fee.

Cancellations and Changes: When is it too late to cancel a package?

It is too late to cancel a package delivery once it has been placed in a drop box or picked up by the carrier.

Cancellations and Changes: Should I cancel a shipping label if I am not going to use it?

Although you will not be invoiced for shipments that have not been received by the shipping carrier, it is recommended that you cancel labels that are not used. For same day cancellations, click on My Shipments from within the eShipGlobal main navigation window, then choose Shipment History, enter or choose the Tracking Number or Order Number in the box provided, click Generate, select the package that you would like to cancel and then click Cancel.

Alternatively, please send an email to support@eshipglobal.com. The mail should include the tracking number of the shipment that you would like to cancel and eShipGlobal will cancel the shipment on your behalf.

Carrier Pickups & Supplies: How are shipments picked up?
  • Schedule One-Time Pickup by the carrier directly within eShipGlobal when creating a shipping label.
  • Regularly Scheduled Pickups can be arranged with each carrier at no additional cost, depending on shipping volume and frequency.
  • Shipments can be picked up by Mail Services by placing your package with label affixed in your designated outgoing mail/box area
  • Shipments can be dropped off at Mail Services on campus located in the Dillard building, 104 Klugh Ave.
  • All Hazmat shipments must be picked up by the carrier from the shipper at the shipper's location.
Carrier Pickups & Supplies: Do I still need to arrange for the carrier to pick up a package?

Yes, if you are not having Mail Services pick up your package, using a drop box that belongs to the carrier or have an established pick-up schedule with the carrier, you will still need to notify the delivery service to pick up your package for delivery.

Carrier Pickups & Supplies: What if I want to use a drop box but don’t know where the closest one is located?

eShipGlobal has a handy feature called the Drop Locator. You just select the shipping carrier and then type in your address and it will search to find the drop box that is closest to you.

Research/Hazardous Materials: What is considered a Research and/or Hazardous Material?

Research and/or Hazardous Materials are generally defined as materials that are used in laboratory settings such as animals, biological (cultures or stocks of human or animal pathogens, select agents or toxins, human or animal materials, genetically modified microorganisms, vectors, plasmids, etc.), chemical or radioactive, and dry-ice.

Some research materials may not necessarily be hazardous but become regulated materials once they are transported.

Research/Hazardous Materials: Can I change my shipping address information?

From within the Research Materials shipping form in the eShipGlobal system, click on the Edit button under your shipping information. Then update the address information and click Save Changes.

Research/Hazardous Materials: Which carriers will commonly display for shipping research and/or hazardous materials?

FedEx and DHL are authorized carriers for shipping research and hazardous materials. When a complete address (including zip code) is provided, FedEx will frequently appear for domestic and international shipments. DHL will appear for international deliveries.

Research/Hazardous Materials: How can I locate my completed shipments that contain research and/or hazardous materials?

Click on My Shipments from within the eShipGlobal main navigation window, then select Hazmat from the filter. To filter through your history, you can enter a carrier Tracking Number, eShipGlobal Order Number or recipient in the search. 

Getting Help: Who do I call for help?

Please contact the Mail Services at 864-656-7720 or email at mailsmart@clemson.edu for assistance shipping standard domestic and international packages.

Contact Occupational and Environmental Safety at 864-656-0341 if you have any questions regarding categorizing research and/or hazardous materials or shipping parcels containing dry ice.

Method of Payment: Can I use a Purchasing Card with eShipGlobal?

Yes, currently eShipGlobal only accepts P-Cards for all shipping transactions.

Package Labels (Airbills): How do I get a label for my package?

Once you have entered the necessary information for your airbill, you will print the label (airbill) on plain white office paper within the eShipGlobal solution. Just fold the paper in half and place just that one piece of paper in the plastic pouch with the shipping information showing and you are all done! You can also email the package label to another sender.

Web Statements & Reporting: How often will my Express Shipping charges show up on my statements?

eShipGlobal charges will be invoiced and appear on your statements weekly.

Web Statements & Reporting: What will my charges look like on my statements for overnight deliveries?

eShipGlobal charges will appear as actuals when the invoice is paid by Accounts Payable. When you look at My Shipments in eShipGlobal, your tracking number on the summary will match with the tracking number on your statement. Also, through My Shipments, you can track your shipments by charging or other variables to make statement reconciling easier.

Insurance; eShipGlobal & Insurance

The eShipGlobal system allows you to include insurance on all packages with the limits stated below, as long as a value is declared. To add insurance to your package, you can enter the desired insurance amount in the Insurance Value under the Packaging/Contents panel.

When declaring shipment values, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Letters (envelopes weighing ~8 ounces) can have a declared value of up to $500.
  • Other types of packages can have a declared value of up to $50,000.
  • UPS charges $0.65 per $100 of declared value to insure a package.
  • Other carriers’ rates are similar.

The eShipGlobal system cannot process packages with a declared value greater than $50,000; for these shipments, contact Mail Services at 864-656-7720.

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