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Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life | Division of Student Affairs | Clemson University

Conduct Reports

Tucker Hipps Transparency Act.

The following organization is on Disciplinary Probation for violations of the Student Code of Conduct. While on Disciplinary Probation, the organization is considered to be “not in good standing” with the University and may face specific restrictions on behavior and University privileges. This organization is allowed to participate in their council's recruitment process.

Notice of Suspended Organizations

Students who are considering joining a fraternity or sorority should be aware that there are Greek organizations that have been suspended by the university and are not permitted to recruit new members. The organizations are:

Organizations under suspension are not permitted to hold any organized activities, recruit new members or participate in official university activities as an organization. These organizations must petition Clemson University for re-recognition once their suspensions have expired in order to return as a recognized student organization.


Status of Previously Affiliated Organizations