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Undergraduate Student Information

Hello! This page is designed for undergraduate students at Clemson University. Here you can find information if you are interested in interning or volunteering at the Sullivan Center. You can also download a copy of the Student Standards of Conduct to comply with in your time at the Sullivan Center. If you would like to apply to intern or volunteer at the Sullivan Center, download and submit this application along with a copy of your current resume and a letter of recommendation.

Interns are student workers who will receive course credit for their work at the Sullivan Center. Typically, these are students in the Health Science program, and these students work 90 or 180 hours per semester. However, interns from other departments are accepted; students interested in receiving course credit should speak with their department advisor about setting up an internship with placement at the Sullivan Center. Volunteers typically spend less hours per week at the Sullivan Center, and do not have to meet course requirements.

Prospective Students, for internship and volunteer opportunities, please contact:
Caitlin Moore, Wellness Coordinator -

*Please note that the Sullivan Center requires a semester-long commitment from students who want to work in our clinics. It is recommended that you get your application in early. Our coordinator of student experiences will get in touch with you to schedule an in-person interview in the order that applications are received. 

The Sullivan Center is always in need of translators. If you are fluent in a second language and would like to volunteer, please reach out!

Below are some of the policies students must adhere to during their time at the Sullivan Center. You will receive these and other policies in an orientation packet prior to your start date. You will also submit a Medical Surveillance Program enrollment packet, with a copy of your immunizations and current TB test.

Internship/Volunteer Contact

Caitlin Moore, Wellness Coordinator