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Clemson University Engineering and Science Education Spring 2021 Seminar Series begins February 12 and runs to April 2. All ESED seminars occur at 11:15 AM via zoom. For information, registration, and accessibility options, please email Paige Zoltewicz or call 864-656-7148.

Please view additional information on the Online Series PDF.

"The Engineering and Science Education Department at Clemson University provided me with the tools and resources to succeed. The faculty-mentored me in ways that pushed me to think critically about my research and education but also supported my growth and development in a nurturing environment. I am truly grateful to be an alumna of such a unique and innovative program." - Allison Godwin, Ph.D.

Engineering and Science Ph.D. Program

The Clemson University ESE Ph.D. program provides a rich curriculum with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Applicants should at least have a Master's degree in a STEM discipline.

The deadline for applications for the Ph.D. program for full consideration for admission and funding is December 1 of each year. There will be a second round of consideration for any remaining places in the incoming fall cohort starting February 1.

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