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Clemson University Micro Fabrication Facility


The Micro Fabrication Facility at Clemson University is located within The Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET) at the Advanced Materials Research Lab (AMRL) in Anderson, SC. This facility provides academic and industry researchers easy access to a complete microelectronic, optoelectronic & MEMS fabrication facility. Processing includes; cleaning wafers and photolithography to metal and oxide deposition as well as plasma etching, metrology, and device singulation. Complete fabrication of microelectronic, micro-optic & MEMS devices can be accomplished at Clemson’s facility.

The Facility was established in 2011, with the arrival of Dr. Eric Johnson as the PalmettoNet Endowed Chair in Optoelectronics. Dr. Johnson and his graduate students began research into novel optical devices and were able to realize their device designs by fabricating them at the Micro Fabrication Facility on-site.

Within 3 years, expansion was needed at the Micro Fabrication Facility. The expansion included metal and dielectric deposition and etching; allowing a host of electronic devices to be fabricated in the same cleanroom. At the same time, private local companies expressed an interest to access such a facility with these unique fabrication capabilities.

Currently, the majority of the Facility users are graduate students fabricating devices for their research and industrial users contracting the resident expertise of Clemson’s staff.

Facility and Staff Capabilities

  • Wet & dry chemical cleaning and etching.
  • Plasma etching, both ICP & RIE systems utilizing Fluorine & Chlorine-based chemistries.
  • ALD & E-beam deposited dielectrics & metals.
  • I-Line photolithography
    • Semi-Auto coat & develop tools
    • 5X reduction stepper
    • 1X proximity/contact printer
  • User scheduled access to tools.
  • Experienced staff for personalized training on all tools.
  • Custom-tailored processes for specific device projects.
  • Process support and guidance as needed.


Bill Delaney
Micro-Photonics Fab Manager

AMRL, 114 Building 91


91 Technology Dr.
Anderson, SC. 29625

➤ From Atlanta, GA
➤ From Charlotte, NC