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Micro Fabrication Facility Services

What We Offer

Our Micro Fabrication Facility offers a wide range of services and a flexible pricing structure. Located at the Advanced Materials Research Lab (AMRL), we are set up to accommodate projects that range from day-use to projects needing a flat-year rate.

Wafer Cleaning and Wet Etching


Plasma Etch

Dielectric Conformal Coatings

Micro Fabrication Facility Pricing

Unit of Billing Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate 90 Day Rate 6 Month Rate Flat Rate Yearly
(12 mo)
Clemson Univ. Customers* Per-User/Project $332.75 $931.70 $2,063.05 $3,993.00 $5,856.40 $8,651.50
External Customers* Per-User/Project $1,064.80 $2,981.44 $6,601.76 $12,777.60 $18,740.48 $27,684.80

* Use of all fabrication tools located at AMRL within the Micro Fabrication Facility and Lab 23, all-inclusive. Users will be responsible for providing all wafers and materials. All chemicals and materials needed for any project are approved prior to granting access to the cleanroom by the Micro Fabrication Facility manager. Precious metals used in the evaporator are an additional charge by weight used. All chemicals brought into the cleanroom are available for use by all users. Priority is given to the primary project supplying the material.