Presentations and Outreach

Ally Training  Presentation
A Gantt Center staff member discusses gender identity with partipcants during a presentation
LGBTQ programs staff is pleased to present on or off campus for both Clemson University & community members to discuss LGBTQ+ issues and present educational information for groups who desire to delve into this exciting, complex community. The staff is happy to create any sort of presentation to any varying length to meet the needs of your organization, class, or group. This could be anything from a 30 minutes presentation to a four hour Ally Training.

The Process

  1. Identify a Need: As an ally and/or supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, figure out how this information is relevant to the work you do or organization you are working with. If an idea doesn't come to mind, contact our staff to find a way make it work. There is ALWAYS a way!

  2. Contact the Staff: Visit the Contact Us page and reach out the the Associate Director of Multicultural Community Development to provide your request. Please do this at least two weeks in advance!  Please provide them with the following information in order to best facilitate your request:
    • Type of Presentation (Class, Student Organization, Community Group, etc.)
    • Audience Type & Size (Faculty, Staff, Students, Community Members)
    • Proposed Dates, Times, & Locations
    • Presentation Outcomes/Goals
    • Other Information to Consider:
      • Has this presentation been done before?
      • Are there any current events/topics/interest areas you'd like the presenter to focus on?
      • Do you have any specific requirements you'd like to see met?

  3. Staff Follow-Up: A staff member will follow-up with you to confirm availability of presenters and ask any follow-up questions. Please inform staff if you'd like a copy of the presentation to review prior to the event.

  4. Post-Presentation Assessment: The staff member will follow-up with you in order to provide assessment information. Please be open and honest in sharing any feedback you have with the staff member. At this time, staff can provide you with final copies of the presentation and accompanying materials.