2024 MLK Awards for Excellence in Service


We are asking interested parties to nominate deserving individuals for the 2024 Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards for Excellence In Service. Three awards will be given. The categories are as follows:

  • Clemson University Student (Undergraduate or Graduate)
  • Clemson University Employee (Faculty or Staff)
  • Clemson Community Member (Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee Counties)

Persons being nominated for one of these awards should exhibit excellence in service in one or more of the following areas involved in actualizing the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (above and beyond direct employment):

  • Service to Clemson University or the surrounding community
  • Advancement of the Beloved Community*
  • Social or Environmental Justice Advocacy
  • Service Above and Beyond Direct Employment

Simply answer all questions completely and submit your nomination by clicking on the Submit button on the bottom of this page. The deadline for all nominations is on Friday, December 15, 2023 at 4:30 pm. Thank You!

If you experience problems with this form, please email Rebecca Harkless at rharkle@clemson.edu.

* "A community inclusive of all people, regardless of race, gender, class, ethnicity... A community that recognizes people as individuals first, each with a unique set of life experiences that shape their particular perspectives... A community where these varied perspectives are brought together in a collective effort to achieve goals for the common good." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

2024 MLK Awards Nomination Form

Past Recipients of the MLK Awards for Excellence In Service

Year Award Recipients
2023 Briana Bowen
Dr. Natasha Croom
Lisa Jackson
2022 Ronnie Clevenstine
Dr. Jasmine Townsend
Reeta Singh
2021 Roann Abdeladl
Sharetta Bufford
Adela Mendoza
2020 Kinsey Ann Sierra Meggett
Deon S. Legette
Lachlan's Hope, Mary Tannery
2019 Amanda Carolina Arroyo Santamaria
Mary Beth Kurz
Sheila D. Crawford
2018 Tracy Grate
Karon Donald
Adraine Garner
2017 Erin Hughes
Vivian Morris
Mabel Owens Clarke
2016 A.D. Carson
Myrtede Alfred
Amber Lange
2015 Caitlyn Lydia Carlile
Kaitlynn Lewis
Natasha Topoluk
Rosa Grayden
2014 Emily Howard
Serita Wakefield Acker
Laneika K. Musalini
2013 Amy Chen (Zanyu)
Dr. Rhondda Robinson Thomas
Croseland M. Cox
2012 Jennifer Ann Johnson
Jeffrey Michael Kenney
David E. Vaughn
2011 Gabriel Paul Fair
Byron Harder
2010 Derrick D. Blanding
Paulette R. Grate
2009 Emily Kay Burchfield
Dr. Curtis D. White, Sr.
Roy B. Jeffcoat
2008 Callie G. Boyd
Barbara J. Speziale
Lane Glaze
2007 Morgan Lynn Simmons
John Bonaparte
Marian Freeman-Robinson
Harold G. Morse
2006 Erecia Hepburn
Bobby Clark
Carl H. Sharperson, Jr.
2005 Amanda West
Sue Lasser
Bill Edens
2004 Michael Grant
Grant Cunningham
Chris Heavner
2003 Andre' Loyd
Carleathea Benson
Rosco Campbell
2002 Corrine Grant
Robert W. Snelsire
Bernice Holt