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The Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing is one of the 55 South Carolina Centers of Economic Excellence (SC CoEE) for a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems in the health and design fields. The Health Facilities Design and Testing Center is using interdisciplinary design research to improve health care environments through better architecture and building design. Research at this Center focuses on two main areas: how the design of health care facilities affects the delivery of health care and how to create architectural settings that better serve the health and well-being of patients and staff. Researchers at this Center study the relationship between the physical healthcare environment and clinical outcomes; population health outcomes; patient, family and staff satisfaction; operational efficiency; and the ability to accommodate change. The Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing supports two endowed chairs – the endowed chair in Architecture + Health Design and Research at Clemson University and the Endowed Chair in Healthcare Human Factors Research and Practice at the Medical University of South Carolina.

As the SmartState Endowed Chair in Architecture + Health Design and Research, Dr. Anjali Joseph serves as the Director for the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing.

Current News + Events

Current News + Events

Highlights of the collaborative work between the Center for Health Facilities Design & Testing and the Medical University of South Carolina.

Publications - Hot off the Press

Machry, H., Joseph, A., & Wingler, D. (2020, May 29 Epub). The fit between spatial configuration and idealized flows: Mapping flows in surgical facilities as part of case study visits. Health Environments Research & Design Journal.

Joseph, A., Browning, M. H. E. M., & Jiang, S. (2020, May 21). Using immersive virtual environments (IVEs) to conduct environmental design research: A primer and decision framework. HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal, 0(0), 1937586720924787.

Jafarifiroozabadi, R., Joseph, A., Joshi, R., & Wingler, D. (2020, May 14 Epub). Evaluating care-partner preferences for seating in an outpatient surgery waiting area using virtual reality. HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal. PMID: 32406254.

Taaffe, K., Joseph, A., Khoshkenar, A., Machry, H., Allison, D., Reeves, S.T; RIPCHD.OR Study Group. (2020, March 13). Proactive evaluation of an operating room prototype: A simulation-based modeling approach. Journal of Patient Safety. PMID: 32175960

Rutali Joshi’s poster titled “Reduce Interruptions and Support Collaboration: Can the Workstation Design Support Physician Handovers in the Emergency Department?” has been awarded first place in the EDRA Best Student Poster category. The award recognizes research that advances and disseminates behavior and design research toward improving understanding of the relationships between people and their environments.  

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