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The Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing is one of the 55 South Carolina Centers of Economic Excellence (SC CoEE) for a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems in the health and design fields. The Health Facilities Design and Testing Center is using interdisciplinary design research to improve health care environments through better architecture and building design. Research at this Center focuses on two main areas: how the design of health care facilities affects the delivery of health care and how to create architectural settings that better serve the health and well-being of patients and staff. Researchers at this Center study the relationship between the physical healthcare environment and clinical outcomes; population health outcomes; patient, family and staff satisfaction; operational efficiency; and the ability to accommodate change. The Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing supports two endowed chairs – the endowed chair in Architecture + Health Design and Research at Clemson University and the Endowed Chair in Healthcare Human Factors Research and Practice at the Medical University of South Carolina.

As the SmartState Endowed Chair in Architecture + Health Design and Research, Dr. Anjali Joseph serves as the Director for the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing.
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Event: Innovations in Surgical Environments

Dates: September 12-13

Location: Charleston, SC


Day 1 workshop only $300

Day 1 workshop + Day 2 simulation intensives $450

Are you planning on building a new outpatient surgery center or renovating your existing surgical facility?

The Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing at Clemson University will be hosting a two-day intensive workshop, exploring how different aspects of surgery center design impact patient safety, efficiency, and patient experience The workshop will provide actionable tools and approaches to support project teams in the design process, and represents the culmination of a four-year multi-disciplinary research effort on different aspects of ambulatory surgery center design (

What you will learn:

This unique two-day workshop is for architects, designers, clinicians, health system representatives, and engineers who specialize in OR design, and/or who are currently in the process of designing and building surgery centers. You will hear in-depth information from industry experts on:

  • Trends in outpatient surgery and future insights
  • Case study exemplars in outpatient surgical environments
  • Findings from a 4-year patient safety learning lab focused on OR design
  • Evidence-based design strategies for OR and surgical suite design
  • Preview of the newly released Safe OR Design Tool

Practical application:

Design teams of 5-7 individuals (architects, clinical teams, project leaders) involved with a specific design project may also participate on the second day in an exclusive simulation intensive to learn how to apply a human-centered approach into their current or future project.

Innovations in Surgical Enviroments Website

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