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Research Opportunities

Create Your Own EUREKA! Discovery

EUREKA! research projects range from math, science, and engineering to the social sciences and humanities.

Some EUREKA! participants work with a faculty member in a one-on-one mentored relationship. Others may be pat of a research team involving faculty, graduate students, and other undergraduates.

The hours students spend conducting research vary based on the research group, but generally  students will work on their projects Monday through Friday. Research mentors ask for different time commitments, ranging from as small as four hours a day to a full day. Some projects will require independent research under the direction of a faculty mentor.

The average EUREKAN conducts research from 9-4 every day with an hour lunch break...this time flies by! However, the project time is very research group specific, so faculty will provide guidance on those hours. 

At the end of every summer, we publish an abstract book with details about the research conducted by program participants. Students also take part in a poster presentation where they share details about their summer research and its findings. 

A professor standing with his EUREKA! students and graduate assistant

Choose Your Own EUREKA! Adventure

Your EUREKA! research starts before you complete your application. 

Every year, we post current research descriptions that outline the different types of opportunities that are available that coming summer.

Please review these opportunities thoroughly. When you complete your application, you will list three research choices in order of preference.

If you are selected to participate in the program, the EUREKA! Director will assign your project.

Online and In-Person Opportunities

If you're not able to join us on-campus this summer, consider our online program! After all, not every research project is conducted in a laboratory. 

Our online EUREKA! program offers a variety of opportunities for you to engage in research with Clemson faculty, without traveling to campus. Many of our online participants meet their faculty mentors when they arrive on campus to start their fall semester.

Meet EUREKA! Faculty Mentors

  • Dr. Rachel Getman

    Dr. Rachel Getman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Clemson University. In fact, Dr. Getman is the first woman to be granted tenure and promoted to the position of Associate Professor in the 100 years that Clemson has been granting degrees in Chemical Engineering. Her research group uses mostly computational and some experimental methods to understand materials function, in order to facilitate materials design. Most projects in the Getman Group involve understanding the function and design of catalysts, which are materials that accelerate the rates of chemical reactions without being consumed. However, Getman Group members are also working on projects involving magnetic materials, resins, and other functional materials. The Getman Group has hosted four EUREKA! students over the last three years, and they have worked on modeling and experimental projects aimed at understanding how to design industrial catalysts for use in aqueous conditions.

    Read more about Dr. Getman.

    My EUREKA! Experience

    "Students in the EUREKA! program are talented and eager. They have contributed to our group in significant ways, from helping us to test the robustness of our models to helping design heating strategies for our experimental equipment. We've been truly lucky to have such great students. Highlighting their accomplishments: Grant Hummel has stayed on with the Getman Group through the Departmental Honors Program of the Clemson University Honors College. He has done a significant amount of research and was acknowledged for his hard work in a publication from our group. Erin Mihealsick helped us to design an outreach program as part of a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. She has since been nominated by Clemson University for a Goldwater Scholarship. Andrew Bingham worked with our group for a year and a half after he started as a EUREKA! student. He helped significantly with the design of our chemical reactor, and also developed strategies for synthesizing catalysts for the experimental aspects of our work. He has been acknowledged in two presentations by our group. Anna Hardymon is continuing her work on helping to develop and test our methods in multiscale modeling. She won the Head Counselor position for EUREKA! 2018."

    What Dr. Getman has to say about the Honors College and EUREKA!

    “EUREKA! is an exceptional program. The research aspect provides participants with a way to significantly strengthen their problem solving abilities, and the social aspect establishes a sense of closeness that is invaluable in today's challenging society. We are happy to support the EUREKA! program and the Clemson University Honors College faculty and staff who work passionately to ensure its success.”

  • Dr. Ethan Kung

    "Clemson's EUREKA program has proven to be beneficial for both the participants and the advance of scientific research year after year. The last project in my lab originating from EUREKA continued into Creative Inquiry research and eventually was presented at a national biomedical engineering conference. All of the students in EUREKA learn a lot during their summer internships which gives them a significant head start to their college studies; the graduate students and faculty enjoy working with the EUREKA students and hosting them in the lab; and we all help to advance science in the end-- it's a win all around!" 

    Read more about Dr. Kung

  • Dr. Srikanth Pilla

    Dr. Srikanth Pilla is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Automotive Engineering at CU-ICAR (Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research). His research focuses on fundamental understanding of the synthesis-processing-structure-property relationships in polymers, biopolymers, polymer derived ceramics, multifunctional composites, nanocomposites, thermoelectric materials, microcellular foams and LCA modeling and analysis.

    The title of his EUREKA! research project “Sustainable Composites for Lightweighting Automotive Structures” allows students to explore unique fiber architectures, novel renewable matrices and synthesis/manufacturing techniques for use in automotive interiors, exteriors and load-bearing structural applications. Dr. Pilla has worked with EUREKA! students who share his research interests and common desire to make notable contributions to the automotive industry.

    Dr. Pilla’s EUREKA! experience

    Since joining CU-ICAR in August 2013 Pilla continues to enhance the minds of his students while also showcasing their accomplishments after only a short time under his mentorship. In summer 2014 Pilla worked with incoming Honors freshman Kelly Krumm on a research project titled “Next Generation Sustainable Biocomposites for Automotive Applications.” Krumm won Best Poster award (first prize) in the undergraduate category at the 2014 Society of Plastics Engineers - Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition.

    Pilla emphasizes the importance of performing rewarding research but also having research rewarded at industry conferences. Krumm wasn’t the only contributor at this conference; his graduate students also received honors.

    For him, the EUREKA! program is an opportunity to mentor some of the best minds that come to Clemson University. “Being a graduate (only) department, we have minimal opportunities to work with undergraduates but thanks to EUREKA! the doors have opened for access to these wonderful students, who might be our future recruits for graduate study,” Pilla said.

    What Dr. Pilla has to say about the Honors College and EUREKA!

    The Honors College is providing a wonderful platform for incoming students with unique opportunities such as EUREKA! I commend their efforts and encourage continuing to do more to sustain the relationship, experience and scholarship, which will eventually benefit these students to pursue STEM graduate careers.

  • Dr. Andrew Pyle

    Dr. Andrew S. Pyle is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication. He completed his PhD in Communication at George Mason University, and his MA in Applied Communication from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. His research focuses on the intersection of crisis communication and intercultural communication. He is also interested in the ways that organizations employ social media to manage crisis communication. His research also focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning, seeking methods for enhancing the classroom experience for students and faculty alike. Dr. Pyle is teaching courses in the areas of Public Relations and Crisis Communication. He is an active member of the Southern States Communication Association and the Public Relations Society of America.

    Read more about Dr. Pyle.

    My EUREKA! Experience

    "In the spring of 2017 I applied for the EUREKA! program because it seemed like a neat opportunity to work with students on research. I have found that a big barrier to undergraduate students pursuing research opportunities is the time restriction they tend to face during the semester. For this reason, EUREKA! is a perfect program in terms of removing that barrier from the equation. Additionally, one my colleagues, Darren Linvill, and I had some ideas for research that would benefit from the work of a team, so we thought EUREKA! would be a great program to work with to attract clever, highly-motivated students with an interest in research."

    "I wasn't sure what to expect when we applied - we'd heard great things about EUREKA!, but come on - we're talking about students who aren't even freshmen in college yet. How high could we set the bar for expectations, really? The answer, quite simply, is that we couldn't have set the bar too high - this was clear from our first week working with our student partner, Paul Gennett. In our first week of meetings Paul absolutely destroyed our expectations with his thoughtful assessments of and critical insights into our proposed research.

    What Dr. Pyle has to say about the Honors College and EUREKA!

    "Simply stated: Our study (completed during EUREKA! 2017 and published in a well-respected Communication journal before December 2017) would never have happened and could not have been completed the way it was without Paul's work. From my interactions with the EUREKA! administrators to our work with Paul, beginning to end, we could not have been more pleased."

Meet EUREKA! Alumnus Chris Pollock

Chris Pollock

Hear from EUREKA! alumnus ('06 and '07) and Goldwater Scholarship recipient ('07) Chris Pollock – now a Staff Scientist for the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) at Cornell University – about his experience, and how it furthered his career.

What was your research focus?

My research project during EUREKA! focused on developing stress sensing polymers that would change color when placed under mechanical strain.

Who was your EUREKA! faculty mentor?

My research advisor was Professor Bill Pennington and, not only are we still in touch, but we recently began collaborating on a new project!

Did the program have an impact on your research focus?

Doing research with Dr. Pennington and his graduate students in EUREKA! was the first chance that I had to experience what scientific research was really like. Before that, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go on to grad school and pursue independent research as a career; my experience in the program convinced me that this was definitely the career path that I wanted to take!

Any advice for new EUREKANs?

EUREKA! is a great way not only to get involved with research very early in your college career but also to meet people who will become your friends for the rest of your time at Clemson (and beyond!).

Faculty Research Submissions

A faculty member talking to a student

Want to Join the EUREKA! Faculty Team?

If you are a Clemson University faculty member who is interested in submitting a research project proposal, please fill out the EUREKA! Research Faculty Proposal Form.

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