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Extension Emerging Leadership Initiative

About the Initiative


To provide leadership and professional development training and experiences that will foster success in future leaders.


To develop a core group of successful leaders for the SC Cooperative Extension systems at Clemson University and SC State University that will inspire, have vision and impact, and assist in moving the organizations forward to meet the Extension mission.

Eligibility Application Criteria
EELI participants working in a garden
Faith Isreal in class
Yashia Marshall speaking to the class
Kenston Griffin and Chris Heintze talking


Research from the Journal of Extension indicates that during the past decade, most public and private organizations, including the Cooperative Extension Service, are facing an era of leadership scarcity that could impact the ability to execute the mission and purpose. Thousands of baby boomers retire each day, and in an effort to prevent loss of skilled leadership, this program aims to equip future leaders as the veteran agents, specialists, and administrators prepare for retirement by:

  • Providing opportunities for personal growth and career development
  • Enhancing leaders’ roles at a higher level of excellence
  • Promoting cohesion and team building among leaders
  • Promoting and practice interpersonal skills in relevant situations
  • Promoting fair and ethical behavior
  • Providing tools and skills to enhance leadership
Extension Emerging Leadership Initiative
Extension Emerging Leadership Initiative | 900 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229