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Eligibility Requirements

Must be a full-time employee (37.5 hours per week), with at least three full years of Extension work experience.

County Extension Agents, Administrative Professionals, Extension Associates/Specialists, and other staff from Clemson and SC State University with at least a 50% Extension appointment are eligible. CAFLS staff and faculty with three years of service are also eligible to apply. Retired Extension professionals are not eligible.

Must have received at least a SUCCESSFUL on the EPMS for the last three rating periods and received no written or progressive disciplinary actions through Human Resources within the last two years.

Application Criteria

Applicants may nominate themselves, be nominated by a District Extension Director, Program Team Director, Department Chair, or Direct Supervisor. The supervisor must sign to acknowledge and approve the nomination.

We are delighted you are interested in applying for the Extension Emerging Leadership Initiative (EELI) program. Entry to this program is competitive. All applications are assessed by a selection committee, and you will be advised of the outcome of your application once the selection process has been completed. During the selection process, we aim to make the cohort a diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences to ensure the cohort has a wide variety which makes for a more rewarding experience. Application scores and committee selections are confidential and final.

Three full years of Extension/CAFLS employment, three full evaluation ratings of Successful or higher, and no written or progressive discipline actions from Human Resources in the last two years are requirements for applicants.

If accepted into the cohort, you will be responsible for completing all your current job duties while enrolled in this program. EELI will be added to your performance management tool as an objective, and you will be evaluated by the EELI Program Coordinator.

Attendance is required (unless for approved extenuating circumstances). Failure to comply will result in you not completing the class and not graduating from the program. Completion of monthly assignments and program requirements is required to graduate from the program.

There is no monetary supplement or leadership role advancement associated with completing this program. It is a self-improvement and professional development opportunity.

One and two-day sessions will include professional development, inspirational speakers, case studies, tours, service project, and interactive group activities in the morning and afternoon. You will be required to co-mingle with your peers, share your experiences, and participate in leadership roles during the sessions.

Final selection of the 15 class participants will be based on quality and competitiveness of each application. The selection committee’s decision is final, and a rubric will be used to provide a fair score for each application. There is no appeal process.

Extension Emerging Leadership Initiative
Extension Emerging Leadership Initiative | 900 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229