Constitution and Bylaws

Effective October 2018, the Office of Human Resources has partnered with the Staff Senate to develop, revise and manage the Staff Development Program. As a result, this program will be placed on hold for the 2019–2020 Staff Development year to allow for review and improvements to the program. For questions and more information, please contact SDP-L@LISTS.CLEMSON.EDU.

Constitution and Bylaws of the
Clemson University Staff Development Program (SDP)
(Approved January 29, 2015)

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Mission Statement
The Mission of the Staff Development Program Steering Committee is to provide representative leadership, oversight, accountability, and guidance for the Staff Development Program of Clemson University.

Section 1. The Clemson University Staff Development Program Steering Committee will be referred to as the SDP Steering Committee.

Section 1. 
The purpose of the SDP Steering Committee is to provide guidance and continuity for the administration and execution of the Staff Development Program, ensuring that the program is administered in accordance with stated program goals and guiding principles. The objective of the SDP Steering Committee is to ensure a successful outcome for the program, thus benefiting Clemson University, individual work areas, and participating staff.

Section 2. Employees nominated to serve on the SDP Steering Committee will exemplify high standards of behavior, performance, and dedication to Clemson University and should normally meet the following criteria:

  • Received at least a “Meets/Successful” on their last two EPMS reviews or faculty equivalent
  • Received no documented disciplinary actions through Human Resources within the previous two years of nomination or faculty equivalent.

Section 3. The SDP Steering Committee will abide by all University policies and procedures.

Section 1. The SDP Steering Committee is responsible for requesting financial and other resource support for the SDP initiative from institutional leadership. The SDP Steering Committee also is responsible for verification of participant program completion leading to authorization of salary adjustments.

Section 2. The SDP Steering Committee is responsible for advocating effectively the benefits of the SDP initiative with institutional leadership, and for providing compelling assessment data reflecting the value of the SDP initiative to Clemson University, individual work areas, and participating staff.

Section 1. Amendments to this Constitution and By-laws must be made by a two-thirds vote of the entire SDP Steering Committee. If a member(s) of the SDP Steering Committee cannot attend the scheduled voting meeting, they may vote by proxy.

Section 2. Amendments must be presented to the committee in written form. The committee will be afforded ample time to review any proposed amendments. Every effort should be made to schedule meetings where discussion of motions will be held before a vote occurs. Every effort should be made to ensure a vote occurs on proposed amendment changes within 30 days of the motions being submitted in writing.

Review and Ratification
Section 1. The membership of the SDP Steering Committee will review and approve the Constitution and By-Laws on an annual basis. Any necessary amendments may be made at the time of review.

Section 1. Composition of the SDP Steering Committee will include the Steering Committee Chair and Past-Chair and representation from Clemson University’s staff constituency groups, including but not limited to two representatives from the Staff Senate, and one representative each from the Faculty Senate, Extension Senate, President’s Commission on the Status of Black Faculty and Staff, and President’s Commission on the Status of Women. It also will include the Operations Team and Coaching Team chairs and one At-Large member. The Office of Human Resources, Office of Assessment, Staff Ombudsman and other relevant resources may serve as Ex Officio non-voting members of the Steering Committee.

  1. Constituency representation of respective constituency bodies will be the prerogative of the constituency body, with the expectation that nominees will be able to meet the time commitments of serving on the SDP Steering Committee and will have no conflicts in serving in such capacity. A nominee does not have to be a member of a constituency body in order to represent that body. If any constituency group fails to appoint a nominee to serve on the SDP steering committee within four weeks of the expiration of an outgoing representative’s term of service or that representative’s resignation or removal from the Steering Committee, the Steering Committee may appoint an At-Large member or new representative from that constituency group.
  2. Regular attendance at SDP Steering Committee meetings and active participation in the work generated from those meetings is expected by all committee members. Members who are unable or unwilling to maintain regular attendance and participation in the work of the Steering Committee may voluntarily resign or be asked to resign without prejudice by the Chair of the SDP Steering Committee. An involuntary removal will require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the SDP Steering Committee members. In the event of a position vacancy, the Chair of the Steering Committee will consult with the leader of the constituency body affected within one week to determine a suitable replacement to serve the unexpired term. The Steering Committee will meet at least once each month, with additional meetings called as needed. If the Operations Team or Coaching Team chairs should be unable to attend a meeting, they may designate a substitute to attend the Steering Committee meeting in their absence.

Section 1. The officers of the SDP Steering Committee will include a Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, and Secretary/Recorder, to be elected as soon as practical after the Steering Committee is convened.

Structure and Operations
Section 1. The organizational structure of the SDP initiative will include the SDP Steering Committee, Operations Team, Coaching Team, Assessment Team, and Marketing Team.

  1. Operations Team, Coaching Team, Assessment Team, and Marketing Team chairs will be appointed by the SDP Steering committee chair.
  2. The Past-Chair of the SDP Steering Committee will serve as the volunteer coordinator, responsible for seating volunteers on the different teams and for communicating volunteer opportunities to past participants who need to fulfill their 15 volunteer hours for the SDP in the year following completion of the program.
  3. All committee members will have an equal vote. Voting will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. A quorum of any committee must be present to hold a vote. Any item will pass by a two-thirds vote of those present. Committee members absent for a vote may vote by proxy.

Standing Teams
Section 1. The following will be considered core Standing Teams:

  1. Operations Team Responsible for training, procedures, forms, program audits, computer-based reporting, and assessment.
  2. Coaching Team Responsible for coaching the participants. The Coaching Team will meet with participants periodically throughout the year to check participants’ progress and offer guidance and feedback. Participants will be strongly encouraged, but not required, to meet with the Coaching Team.
  3. Marketing Team Responsible for promoting and publicizing the SDP through various outlets such as Inside Clemson and the Benefits Fair.
  4. Assessment Team Responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the program by conducting surveys and focus groups with past and current participants and their supervisor.

Section 2. Employees nominated to serve on the Standing Teams will exemplify high standards of behavior, performance, and dedication to Clemson University.

Standing Team size will be dictated by the number of participating staff. These teams will meet on a regular basis to guide SDP participants through the program, regularly monitor participant progress, and ensure that SDP program participant activities represent an appropriate challenge for their position within their organization. Once a participant has completed his or her activities, the Coaching Team will conduct a peer review of the program participant’s portfolio and make a recommendation of successful completion or non-completion of prescribed goals and required contact hours to the SDP Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Member Participation in the SDP
It is prohibited for any Steering Committee member serving on the committee to apply to or participate in the Staff Development Program during his/her term of service. A Steering Committee member is eligible to apply and participate in the SDP only after the expiration of his/her term (expires June 30). A member of the Steering Committee who resigns prior to the end of the term of committee service will be eligible to apply during the spring application period following his/her originally scheduled end of term date.