Video Collection

Effective October 2018, the Office of Human Resources has partnered with the Staff Senate to develop, revise and manage the Staff Development Program. As a result, this program will be placed on hold for the 2019–2020 Staff Development year to allow for review and improvements to the program. For questions and more information, please contact SDP-L@LISTS.CLEMSON.EDU.

Collection of videos that have been created for the SDP.

May I Have a Word?

Tom Ward, Staff Ombudsman, October 2013

What is Clemson University's Staff Development Program (SDP)?

What Clemson University’s Staff Development Program is all about and why you should apply for it.

Testimonials from Clemson University SDP Graduates

Meet some of the graduates from Clemson University’s Staff Development Program and hear about their personal journeys to success.

Clemson University Employee Supervisor Marvin Dixon Discusses the SDP

Clemson University’s Parking Operations Manager Marvin Dixon discusses how the SDP provides an opportunity for Clemson staff members to improve and grow.

Clemson University Employee Supervisor Dan Noneaker Talks About the SDP

Clemson University’s chair of the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dan Noneaker, shares how the SDP has contributed to the growth of five of his department's staff members.