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Division of Finance and Operations

Our Services

Departments within the Division of Finance and Operations

Under the leadership of the Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations/Chief Operations Officer, our team collaborates closely with each other and various departments across campus to ensure the smooth functioning of the University. From overseeing the institution’s financial well-being to maintaining a safe and secure campus environment, our departments cover a wide range of functions.

These include:

Accounting for Related Organizations

Our reporting unit dedicated to accounting for related organizations provides financial reporting and accounting support services to Clemson University’s affiliated organizations.

Auxiliary Enterprises

This team supports students, staff and faculty day-to-day needs outside of the classroom. The Office of Auxiliary Enterprises includes University Housing, Campus Dining, Parking and Transportation, Clemson’s Bookstore and the Bradley Center for Early Childhood Development.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The BI Team uses a holistic approach to bring business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices together to help organizations make more data-driven decisions.

Ethics and Compliance

Upholding the highest ethical standards is a priority at Clemson University. Our ethics and compliance team promotes integrity, compliance and responsible decision-making throughout the institution.

Finance Shared Services

This team provides best-in-class administrative services using subject matter experts in the areas of financial policies, procedures, compliance and transactions. Our service-oriented support is delivered in partnership with stakeholders across campus. We enable the mitigation of financial risk and identify resource allocation opportunities.

Grants and Contracts Administration

Our GCA team provides support and guidance in the post-award management of grants and contracts, facilitating research and sponsored programs.

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (HR) helps employees and supervisors navigate the entire employee lifecycle: from recruitment and development of a diverse and talented workforce to retaining top tier talent. HR provides comprehensive human resource services that allow faculty, staff and students to thrive at Clemson.

Land and Capital Asset Stewardship (LCAS)

Responsible management of our land and capital assets is crucial. The LCAS team oversees the acquisition, disposition, leasing and utilization of properties and assets owned by Clemson University and its affiliates.

Occupational and Environmental Safety

Occupational and Environmental Safety (OES) is a team of dedicated professionals who provide safety and compliance services to support Clemson University’s core mission of research, teaching and public service.

Procurement and Business Services

This reporting unit is responsible for a variety of business services including purchasing (buyWays), contracting, vendor management, accounts payable/p-card, travel (Concur), surplus operations, fleet management, Clemson Blue Cheese and more through efficient business processes and fostering strategic relationships.

Public Safety

Our public safety department works diligently to achieve their mission of enhancing safety, reducing risk and preventing harm. They are committed to the safety and security of our campus community and the creation of a secure and welcoming environment for all students, faculty and staff.

Budgets and Financial Planning

Our team provides strategic and operational leadership in the areas of financial management, budgeting, and debt and capital planning. Our impact enables stakeholders to make informed decisions, aligning enterprise activities to financial strategies, including revenue based budgeting.

Strategic Initiatives

Serves as the hub for strategic planning, project and change management, continuous improvement support and employee engagement for the Division of Finance and Operations. This dedicated team works to ensure the successful execution of projects and alignment of division goals with the broader University mission.

University Controller

The controller’s office is responsible for implementing accounting processes, systems and internal controls to provide integrity in financial reporting. This office is comprised of accounting and financial reporting, tax, financial compliance, payroll, cash and treasury services, and student financial services.

University Facilities

Our facilities department is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our campus infrastructure, ensuring that it meets the needs of our community and supports our academic and research endeavors.