Budget Priorities

Since the University’s inception in 1889, Clemson has been transforming South Carolina through top-quality education and leading-edge research. The University continues to deliver one of the country’s highest ROI in salaries for graduates, and the research, outreach and entrepreneurial projects led by our faculty and students are driving economic development and improving quality of life in South Carolina and beyond.

Continued returns require continued financial investment on the part of the state. These budget requests are necessary to ensure and further enhance Clemson’s ability to drive innovation, stimulate economic growth and serve the public by addressing some of the state’s greatest challenges through scientific advances, applied research, workforce development and education.

Below is a brief summary of the University’s Education and General needs and budget requests to the S.C. Legislature for 2021-22.

Public Service and Agriculture needs and budget requests may be viewed in detail here

Recurring Requests

Base Appropriations – $11.9 million

Clemson will continue to offer an affordable quality education for in-state students by:

  • mitigating tuition increases
  • hiring faculty to provide quality educational experiences
  • complying with state-mandated insurance, retirement and salary increases

Clemson Rural Health Programming – $1.58 million

A technology-driven effort by Clemson Rural Health aimed at improving health outcomes and equity in rural communities of South Carolina by:

  • expanding programming beyond Oconee County
  • leveraging previous funding to cost effectively deliver care
  • supporting health initiatives through personnel hires


Clemson University Health Innovation, Extension Programming – 1.17 million

Add enhanced programs for health screening and patient monitoring to reduce preventable hospitalizations, cancer mortality and premature death and help address COVID-19 impacts by:

  • launching and expanding Upstate Region Satellite Clinic
  • expanding programming and staff
  • procuring a cancer screening mobile health unit

And Advanced Materials Innovation Complex needs the dollar amount: $25 million

Planned Maintenance and Renewal Projects – $25.5 million

Clemson will create a more efficient maintenance procurement and delivery process by grouping together a number of smaller projects. This work will extend the life of several buildings through:

  • extensive HVAC, structural and roof replacements, which will result in operational savings
  • exterior improvements
  • fire protection projects

Capital Requests

Clemson University Advanced Materials Innovation Complex

This will serve as a focal point for education, research, partnerships and industry engagement through:

  • supporting statewide partnerships
  • providing 143,000 square feet of interdisciplinary research and teaching space
  • establishing matching funds for competitive research and development grants