Research Presentations

Research presentations are 15 minutes, each followed by 5 minutes for questions. Topics will include final reports on completed projects, ongoing projects, or new research endeavors. The program committee will do its best to group similar disciplines within the same session. During the last 5 minutes of each session, presenters and attendees will engage in a group discussion sharing feedback, provide suggestions, consider related ideas, and explore possible collaborations.

Forward Insights

Forward Insights will be held throughout the day in the main auditorium. They are short, 10-minute TED-style talks intended to catalyze conversation. The topic will be of general interest to those attending the conference who come from different disciplines. Only individuals (no group submissions) will present Forward Insights presentations.

Poster Presentations

The 60-minute Poster Session is intended to facilitate research and information sharing. This format is open to students or faculty in any stage of his or her career. Poster sessions are an opportunity for informal discussions and interactions between the presenter(s) and the audience.

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