Strategic Priorities and Focus Areas

The foundation of the strategic planning process for diversity and inclusion rests upon six strategic priorities. These priorities were developed following a review of diversity and inclusion efforts at the university, with an eye towards areas that offered opportunity for additional focus.

Strategic Priorities Framework graphic, with University-wide commitment as the base and the six pillars being: education and training, climate and infrastructure, recruitment and retention, strategic partnerships, and leadership support and development.

Strategic Priorities and Related Focus Areas

The framework provides potential areas of focus in order to move the university forward on the respective priorities.
This is not an exhaustive list, but a good starting point for the colleges / divisions / commissions.

Climate and Infrastructure

Creating academic and work environments that effectively support the success of all faculty, staff, and students.

Inclusive curricular practices (Living)

Inclusive institutional practices, policies and procedures (Living)

Inclusive facilities (Living)

Inclusive marketing and branding efforts (Living)

Support services for underrepresented / underserved populations (Living)

Recognizing the contributions of people from diverse populations (Living)

Inclusive development / fundraising practices (Living)

Communication to the campus regarding efforts towards inclusive excellence (Living)

Climate and Infrastructure Resources

Education and Training

Education and training experiences to build cultural competencies across the organization.

Diverse course offerings (Engagement & Living)

Diverse curricular experiences for students (Engagement & Living)

Diverse co-curricular experiences for students (Engagement & Living)

Intercultural competence of students (Engagement & Living)

Intercultural competence of faculty and staff (Living)

Education and Training Resources

Leadership Support and Development

Top-down support for diversity and inclusion and the creation of a pipeline of culturally competent academic leaders.

Culture of support for diversity and inclusion (Living)

Intercultural competence of university leaders (Living)

Leadership development opportunities for underrepresented populations (Living)

Leadership Support and Development Resources

Recruitment and Retention

Active and aggressive recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff, and student body.

Recruitment and retention of underrepresented students (Living)

Recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty and staff (Living)

Recruitment and retention of underrepresented university leaders (Living)

Recruitment and Retention Resources

Research and Scholarship

Building and enhancing opportunities for research and scholarship in diversity-related fields.

Research involving underrepresented / underserved populations (Research)

Research and share the complete history of Clemson with regard to diverse populations (Research & Living)

Research and Scholarship Resources

Strategic Partnerships

Building and supporting strategic partnerships that respect diversity, include diverse groups, and supports the advancement of diversity and inclusion for both.

Engagement with diverse communities in the state / region (Living)

Provide / improve opportunities for underserved communities in the state / region (Living)

Minority, women and veteran-owned business participation (Living)

Diversity of representation on alumni / advisory boards (Living)

Strategic Partnership Resources