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Proposal Submission Form

The call for proposals is now closed.

Session proposal submission instructions: Complete the 20-item form below, which consists of inputting information, selecting options, and sending a photo and biographical sketch via email to

The Call for Proposals submission process is open September 5, 2017–November 15, 2017. All session proposals must be submitted on or before November 15, 2017 to be considered for review.

Primary Presenter Information (Items 1-7)
Session Proposal (Items 8-13)

Presentation Logistics (Items 14-18)
14. Will the session incorporate a PowerPoint presentation or some other presentation software during the session?
15. Will the presenter(s) distribute a handout to the audience during the session?

19. How did you learn about the Clemson University Men of Color National Summit?
20. Required Email Submissions Checklist

Please provide a biographical sketch consisting of 100 words or less and a 300 dpi photo of the primary presenter. The biographical sketch and photo must be submitted by email to We do not require a biographical sketch or photo of the co-presenter(s). The biographical sketch and photo of the primary presenter must be provided to be considered a complete submission. Please confirm by checking the boxes that you have sent the following items: