Pre-Summit Institute

The content of the 2019 Pre-Summit Institute will be included as a break-out session during the 2020 Men of Color National Summit. The 2019 summit featured a Pre-Summit Institute for South Carolina's elementary and middle school teachers and principals. The University's Call Me Mister® program hosted the institute to help prepare ALL of our state's teachers and principals to address the needs and challenges faced by African-American and Hispanic youth. Work with us and others in our state to help our students reach their full potential.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Men of Color Pre-Summit Institute is:

  • To engage educators in a profound discussion that will empower them with culturally responsive techniques and strategies to better address the specific needs of students of color
  • To develop insights and perspectives that form the foundation of a new framework that educational leaders can utilize when approaching the challenges of working with marginalized, disenfranchised and educationally underserved populations in their schools
  • To meld theory to practice focusing on “what works” and debunking what doesn't
  • To unpack “hip-hop” culture and its inherent conflict with school environments that are driven by an authoritative disciplinary structure and devise a methodology that resolves this incompatibility
  • To build empathetic capacity for teachers and administrators
  • To take advantage of best practices currently being implemented in South Carolina schools

Pre-Summit Institute Sessions and Speakers
Roy Jones
Dr. Roy Jones
Director, Call Me MISTER® program