Women's Roundtable Pre-Summit

The Women’s Roundtable Pre-Summit is a developmental and networking opportunity for participants to acknowledge, explore and invest in the promotion of the experiences of girls and women, particularly in STEM fields. The Women’s Roundtable brings approximately 500 participants together to emphasize the importance of education, self-care and preservation. It also focuses on the tools and skill sets necessary to cope with and navigate exclusionary educational and professional environments that many girls and women encounter.

These sessions and keynote speeches, held a day prior to Clemson University’s Men of Color National Summit, will bring heightened awareness to these issues for all participants and provide networks of support and mentoring to girls and women in attendance.

The 2nd Annual Women’s Roundtable Pre-Summit will be held on April 20, 2022 at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina. The Pre-Summit will feature well-known keynote speakers, a panel of women professionals, and various roundtable conversations regarding academic, career and personal achievement.

Registration for the Women’s Roundtable will open in February 2022.

Contact Information

For questions and additional information, contact Kendra Stewart-Tillman at stewar5@clemson.edu or 864-656-7625.

Inaugural 2021 Women’s Roundtable Speakers

  • Vanessa Wyche
    Vanessa Wyche
    Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center

  • Soledad O'Brien
    Soledad O’Brien 
    Journalist and Host of “Matter of Fact”

  • Tanaya Winder
    Tanaya Winder
    Poet, Writer, Artist and Educator

Women's Roundtable Committee Members

  • Serita Acker
  • Sharetta Buford
  • Jodi Cox
  • Lori Dickes
  • Corrine Grant
  • Akiebia Hicks
  • Timneisha Holmes
  • Jameka Jackson
  • Hannah Johnson
  • Danielle McFarquhar
  • Sebastien Pinto
  • Kate Radford
  • Sydney Reed
  • Trish Robinson
  • Mahin Sandoval-Chavez
  • Helen Diamond Steele
  • Kendra Stewart-Tillman
  • Katie Thurston
  • Rosy Vazquez
  • Rachel Wagner
  • Debbie Williams