Alcohol and Other Drugs

Clemson provides a guide for parents to learn more about alcohol and other drugs to help you better understand their impact on college students.  Discussion points and strategies to talk with your student are reviewed.

Allergy & Immunization Clinic

Redfern Health Center offers an allergy and immunization clinic. The clinic offers a variety of allergy injections and immunizations based upon your needs.

Clemson Student Health 101

clemson student health 101

Clemson Student Health101 is a publication sent to your student via email once a month with a variety of topics varying from eating habits, mental health, traveling tips, grocery store hacks, alcohol, how to handle a roommate, college recipes on a dime and much much more.

Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS is the University's only facility for personal counseling, psychological testing, outreach and consultation. It provides direct services to students and to spouses or partners of students in conjoint therapy. CAPS operates from a brief-therapy model.

Healthy Campus

The Office of Healthy Campus is to create a culture and/or environment that fosters health/wellness, safety and sustainability and enables our campus community members to achieve, learn and serve. We do this by providing leadership and advocacy for public health policies, creating engaging learning activities and provide population-level interventions.

Redfern Health Center

Redfern Health Center has more than 60 health care professionals who provide medical, psychological and wellness services to a diverse student population. Our goal is to help students stay healthy so they can focus on and succeed in their academic endeavors. We emphasize maintaining good health through education and prevention, in addition to offering treatment of illness, injury or psychological concerns. 

Redfern Pharmacy

Redfern Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy located inside Redfern Health Center and staffed by licensed pharmacists who are available to talk with you about your medications. We offer a wide selection of medications most commonly used by the college student population, including prescription and over-the-counter medications.