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Student Leadership and Engagement

Helping your Student

College can be full of life changes and happenings. For many students this is their first time being out on their own. At times your student may struggle and seek your help. This page will provide resources to help guide you through their experience. These topic areas tend to be the most common questions we hear from our families and students.

Tiger Cub with Clemson Family at Fall Family Tailgate

Helpful Topics

  • Academics

    Academic Success Center (ASC)

    The Academic Success Center offers a variety of services to help your student raise or maintain their grades! Encourage your student to visit the ASC!

    • Academic Coaching & Counseling

    • Supplemental Instruction

    • Tutoring

    • Study Groups

    Academic Forgiveness

    The Academic Forgiveness Policy (AFP) allows a student enrolled beginning Fall 2013 to eliminate from the GPA calculation up to two courses in which a D or F was earned. There are very specific conditions in how this policy works.

    Engaged Learning

    Clemson offers a variety of options for your students to be engaged academically including Cooperative Education, Creative Inquiry, Civic Engagement, Internships, Living- Learning Communities, Washington Programs, ROTC, and Study Abroad.

    GPA Calculator

    A Grade Point Average Calculator is a great tool for your student to use throughout their time at Clemson. This tool can help your student be aware of their current GPA, see an explanation of how it is determined and prepare properly for their time here to reach their academic goals.


    The Clemson University Libraries serve as the portal to scholarly information and discovery. With electronic access to thousands of journals and books, growing digital media collections, printed materials, maps and audio/visual recordings, the library provides access to collections that support research, innovation and learning.

    Registration Portal

    The Registration Portal is a hub where your student can access a lot of information pertinent to classes, academics, bills, and personal information.

  • Calendars
  • Finances

    The Student Financial Services and the Student Financial Aid offices are here to support students in all financial obligations associated with being enrolled at Clemson. Student Financial Services offers students and authorized users support in meeting their financial obligations to the University whereas Student Financial Aid helps students secure the funds necessary to pursue their educational goals at Clemson University. This is done through the administration and implementation of federal, state and institutional programs of financial assistance.

    Authorized User to Pay the Bill

    Students can add a parent as an Authorized User via TouchNet. Students can click on the "Authorized users" tab via TouchNet, enter their parent's email address and an email with login instructions will then be sent to the parent. Authorized users can view the bill, make a tuition payment and sign up for a payment plan. Authorized Users cannot enroll for eRefund. Authorized users have a unique login to iROAR.

    Financial Literacy

    The Department of Student Financial Aid provides many helpful resources on financial literacy on their web page. Some of the topic areas you will see include, personal budgets, saving, debt management, credit management, credit cards, default prevention and loan repayment options. Our goal is to help you gain the necessary knowledge to make sound financial decisions and to secure a successful financial future.


    iROAR is the database that houses all students information. This system can be used see any information regarding fees, payments deadlines, financial aid information, scholarships etc. 


    Scholarships are defined as a type of financial aid, in the form of a grant (a sum of money or other aid) that does not have to be repaid by the recipients to assist students as they pursue their studies. Scholarships are most often given to students for a couple of reasons: academic merit/achievement, or financial need (or a combination of both).

  • Housing and Dining Services

    Clemson Home - Dining Sustainability

    We are committed to making environmentally responsible decisions throughout our operations in order to minimize our footprint while still providing quality food and service. In partnership with the campus community, the following are sustainability initiatives in place throughout our dining locations. Learn more about what we are doing!

    Clemson Home - Dining

    At Clemson University, we encourage variety for our students when it comes to dining. That's why we offer a diverse array of innovative meal plans and culinary expertise to satisfy your everyday cravings on campus!

    Dining Locations

    Whether you just need a between-class snack, a full-course meal or coffee on the go, convenient and delicious options are covered with a meal plan. A ton of options let you satisfy any craving - wherever and whenever it hits you. There are plenty of options to choose from including dining halls, food courts, convenience stores, Chick-fil-A, Einstein's, and Starbucks.  

    Housing Maintenance Work Order

    Our dedicated maintenance staff is available to respond to your housing and facilities needs. Your student can report maintenance problems both my phone or an online order. For emergency service after these hours, please contact the Resident Assistant (RA) On-Call.

    Clemson Home - Housing Sustainability

    Sustainability is not something future generations need to worry about; it’s a real issue that Clemson students, faculty and staff face every day.

    • Sustainability Videos

    • Solid Green

    • Students for Environmental Action

    • Student Organic Farm

    • Winter Sustainability Tips

    Living Learning Communities

    Clemson University’s Living- Learning Communities (LLCs) provide a holistic approach to student development and learning through academic partnerships, service-learning opportunities and research initiatives. Each uniquely-designed community facilitates meaningful connections between students, faculty, and staff through programming and other opportunities. We seek to provide all of our students the opportunity to experience a seamless learning environment in one of our 21 communities.

    Meal Plans

    Meal plans are convenient, flexible, and loaded with options. Your meal plan includes dining locations all across campus with a range of menus and offerings. You’ll get guaranteed value, whether you eat on campus three times a week or three times a day! We've got you covered. See our Meal Plan options below for more information.

    Off Campus Housing Information

    Living off-campus can be an exciting time in your life. As you enjoy the independence that this living arrangement brings, remember that you are still a Clemson University student and we want you to be able to enjoy the experiences of being a student by remaining engaged in the campus community, enjoying academic success, and being safe and healthy.

    Learn more about resources when living off-campus!

    Residential Laundry

    Clemson Home offers no cost laundry facilities to our residents with mobile laundry alerts and machine status services.

  • Involvement

    Central Spirit

    Central Spirit is the premier athletics-oriented organization on campus with many excellent benefits. We are more than just football fans. We support soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, rowing, track & field, and ALL Clemson sports. We paint up, yell loud, travel to away games, and handle promotions for the athletic department.

    Club Sports

    The Club Sports Program promotes participation in a wide variety of activities, complementing the University’s Intramural Sports Program and Outdoor Recreation Program. Club Sports are designed to help students develop leadership, financial, and organizational management skills through the opportunity to create, organize, and run their own club.

    Clemson Outdoor Recreation & Education (CORE)

    The Clemson University Outdoor Recreation and Education Program provides the Clemson University Community the opportunity to participate in a variety of outdoor adventure activities. Trips and instructional programs are scheduled throughout the year and include backpacking, hiking, river running, canoeing, sea kayaking, and rock climbing. In addition to these programs, CORE also provides an equipment rental service, a bike program, and staff who can serve as resource personnel to help groups plan their own adventure trips.

    Clemson Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG)

    The official representative of the Clemson University Undergraduate Student Body. Student Government was created to be and still acts as the liaison between the students and the administration, faculty and staff. From its inception in 1957, Student Government has sought to be the chief student advocate in all areas of campus life.

    Fraternity and Sorority Life

    Clemson fraternities and sororities are student led organizations that enhance the student experience inside and outside the classroom. We provide excellent leadership, scholarship, service and social opportunities and better prepare members to make significant contributions beyond the undergraduate experience.

    Harvey and Lucinda Gantt Multicultural Center

    The Harvey and Lucinda Gantt Multicultural Center is committed to creating diverse learning environments that foster the holistic development of our students. The center supports and advocates for the needs of all students, challenges students to think critically about themselves and their communities, provides engaging experiential learning opportunities and empowers students to be positive change agents. Some of the areas that the Gantt Multicultural Center oversees are:

    • MLK Celebrations

    • Multicultural Programming

    • Social Justice Education

    • LGBTQ Programs 

    Intramural Sports program

    Campus Recreation's Intramural Sports program is here to serve the students, faculty, and staff by providing an opportunity for a quality competitive and social outlet while maintaining a fun and safe environment.

    Student Leadership & Community Engagement

    The Center for Student Leadership and Engagement empowers and enables students to be agents of change by developing foundational leadership capacities, fostering social responsibility, and providing opportunities for meaningful application and practice. The Center provides programs and experiences for Clemson students to enhance their leadership development through workshops, conference and participating in community service in the Clemson community.

    Student Media

    Clemson University boasts six campus media organizations, under the university's communication department: Tigervision, a closed-circuit student television station; WSBF 88.1 FM, a 3,000-watt student radio station; The Tiger, a biweekly student newspaper; TAPS yearbook; The Chronicle, a student literary and variety magazine; and The Tiger Town Observer, political newsmagazine.

    Student Organizations

    Clemson offers a variety of student organizations for your student to get involved in. They range from academic organization to social organizations. Within our many organizations, your student is bound to find one that is of interest to them.

    TigerLive Entertainment

    TigerLive Entertainment provides entertainment through student-programmed events that enrich the experience of the diverse and ever-changing Clemson community. TigerLive Entertainment creates a sense of belonging for Clemson students and builds campus pride in a welcoming and accessible environment.

  • Student Health Services

    Alcohol and Other Drugs

    Clemson provides a guide for parents to learn more about alcohol and other drugs to help you better understand their impact on college students.  Discussion points and strategies to talk with your student are reviewed.

    Allergy & Immunization Clinic

    Redfern Health Center offers an allergy and immunization clinic. The clinic offers a variety of allergy injections and immunizations based upon your needs.

    Clemson Student Health 101

    Clemson Student Health 101 is a publication sent to your student via email once a month with a variety of topics varying from eating habits, mental health, traveling tips, grocery store hacks, alcohol, how to handle a roommate, college recipes on a dime and much much more.

    Counseling and Psychological Services

    CAPS is the University's only facility for personal counseling, psychological testing, outreach and consultation. It provides direct services to students and to spouses or partners of students in conjoint therapy. CAPS operates from a brief-therapy model.

    Healthy Campus

    The Office of Healthy Campus is to create a culture and/or environment that fosters health/wellness, safety and sustainability and enables our campus community members to achieve, learn and serve. We do this by providing leadership and advocacy for public health policies, creating engaging learning activities and provide population-level interventions.

    Redfern Health Center

    Redfern Health Center has more than 60 health care professionals who provide medical, psychological and wellness services to a diverse student population. Our goal is to help students stay healthy so they can focus on and succeed in their academic endeavors. We emphasize maintaining good health through education and prevention, in addition to offering treatment of illness, injury or psychological concerns. 

    Redfern Pharmacy

    Redfern Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy located inside Redfern Health Center and staffed by licensed pharmacists who are available to talk with you about your medications. We offer a wide selection of medications most commonly used by the college student population, including prescription and over-the-counter medications.

  • Technology

    Campus Computing

    Clemson University’s technology is creating pathways between teaching and learning, problems and solutions, ideas and innovation. In 2008, we were ranked No. 6 among academic institutions in the country and No. 60 worldwide on the list of TOP 500 Supercomputing Sites, which is published twice a year by the International Supercomputing Conference.

    CCIT Customer Support Services

    Clemson offers a variety of technology support services to our students, staff and faculty. In order to see available times to meet with a representative visit our website.

  • TigerOne Card Services

    TigerOne issues the official Clemson University ID for students and employees.

    As the official ID, the TigerOne credential is an identity tool for the safety and security of our campus. It should be in your possession at all times and presented upon request to any University official. The TigerOne ID is non-transferable and may not be altered in any way.

    The TigerOne credential can be used in a variety of ways such as TigerStripe - a declining balance account for goods and services at on- and off-campus retail locations, Paw Points - a declining balance account for all on-campus dining and retail locations, PawPrints, residence hall access, meal plan access, Cooper Library access, Fike Recreation Center access, and Athletic Ticket Privilege access.

  • Parking & Transportation

    Clemson University Parking and Transportation Services offers a variety of transit options available to faculty, staff, and students. These services range from one- time travel needs, holiday travel, late night travel, carpooling and much more! Check out some of the options below.

  • Wellness and Safety

    Recreation Centers

    Fike Recreation Center is the main fitness building on Clemson's campus. Across its area of 175,000 sq ft., Fike houses state of the art facilities. Students also have access to new facilities at Douthit Hills and Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center.

    CARE Network

    The CARE Network is the means by which any member of the Clemson community can report a concern he or she might have about another member of the community for a variety of reasons. A short report is submitted online, and the student in need will be contacted to follow up.

    Dean of Students Office

    The Dean of Students Office at Clemson University serves as a trusted place for care, advocacy, and referrals to campus and community partners, which inspires student engagement, success, and a sense of belonging.

    Fitness and Wellness

    Clemson offers a variety of components to fitness and wellness. Some of the things included are group fitness classes, personal training, small group training, and massage therapy.

    Student Disability Services

    Students with documented disability have full access to Clemson through a variety of ways, sometimes using assistive technology, note taking services, the Test Proctoring Center or any number of other accommodations that give students an even academic playing field. Students with both invisible and visible disabilities can be eligible for services.

    Tigers Together- Suicide Prevention Awareness Program  

    Tigers Together is a suicide prevention program that works to provide information and resources, reduce stigma, and promote a community of caring. Tigers Together is funded through the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Campus Suicide Prevention grant, which is administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 


    Safety on Campus: Clemson University is committed to providing a safe campus environment. We are here to help you learn what to do in an emergency, how to avoid becoming the victim of a crime and how to sign up for CU Safe Alerts.

    Emergency Phone Numbers: 911 or 864-656-2222

    Clemson University Police Department

    The Clemson University Police Department is entrusted with the demanding responsibility of providing a safe and secure living, working, and learning environment for Clemson University. This is accomplished through several activities undertaken by law enforcement professionals and support personnel.

    Fire and EMS

    Fire and Emergency Medical Services is a branch of Clemson University's Department of Public Safety within the Division of Student Affairs.  Fire & EMS is dedicated to providing a safe campus environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

    Medical Amnesty Policy

    The purpose of the policy is to facilitate access and remove barriers to students who require medical assistance in alcohol related emergencies, and to provide the opportunity for caring, non-punitive interventions in response to such incidents.

    Office of Community and Ethical Standards

    Office of Community and Ethical Standards ("OCES") is committed to promoting an environment, which encourages students to uphold Clemson University core values and community standards. Our programs and services will educate and empower you to become responsible members of our community.

Center for Student Leadership and Engagement
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