Fire and Medical Emergency Services

CUFD Fire and EMS Clemson University, Clemson SC

Fire and Emergency Medical Services is a branch of Clemson University's Department of Public Safety within the Finance and Operations Division. Fire & EMS is dedicated to providing a safe campus environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Our primary response area is the main campus of Clemson University centered around Tillman Hall on Calhoun Memorial Drive. We also provide contracted fire suppression response to the City of Clemson geographically adjoining and nearly encompassing the University campus. Lake Hartwell comprises the remaining campus border.

If you ever feel uncomfortable about a situation, contact us immediately. Small problems can quickly turn into larger problems, so it's important to recognize when help is needed. We can provide a wide range of prevention and response services to assist in an almost any emergency situation.

Mission / Vision Statement

Clemson University Fire & Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to protecting life, property and the environment through rapid efficient emergency response, proactive code enforcement, modern fire prevention methods and progressive public education on fire and life safety issues