Clemson believes in partnering with our families throughout your students collegiate journey. We provide many opportunities to keep you informed throughout the year. Our goal is to support you and guide you to know many common transitional issues we see year-to-year, upcoming events and important deadlines.

We invite you to sign up for customized e-newsletters through the communications portal, Clemson Parent and Family Experience. You will find communication tools, ways of getting involved as a family, events specifically for families and resources that may be useful throughout your students time here.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities and on-campus events for families and students. Traditionally, we celebrate Fall Family Weekend during the fall semester and include a Clemson Tigers football game, and gather together for Spring Family Weekend during the spring semester and include a Clemson baseball game, as well as the Spring Football Game. During these annual events, we offer multiple opportunities for you to learn more about Clemson and spend time with your student.