CSLE’s Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

As the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement, we are committed to doing our part to make Clemson a more welcoming and inclusive campus as well as to help and empower our students to become leaders that can change their communities and our world.

In order to meet this commitment, we have developed a series of strategic goals that will helps us work towards equity and inclusive excellence in our student organizations community, offer diverse experiences in our campus programming and services, and implement diversity and educational training of student leaders and staff regarding anti-racism, social issues, and leadership for social change. The following goals will guide and help us in honoring this commitment to our campus community:

Status Key: Green = Implemented, Purple = On track, Yellow = Delayed Progress

Goal Mapping


Primary Contact

Targeted Implementation Date


Status Notes

Identify diversity and inclusion initiatives to be incorporated as an integral part of the new student orientation program beginning in 2021

Glenn Spurlin

May 2021

Devote time and resources weekly for multicultural late-night programming at the Barnes Center

Mahin Sandoval-Chavez

September 2020

Offer a certification program for student organizations working towards equity

Erica Lee

August 2021

Enhance student leader education and development to include topics such as anti-racism, student activism, and democratic engagement

Kate Radford

August 2021

Review, identify, and remove barriers to participation across all Center programs and services

Cara Snider

May 2021

Review and identify ways to improve Center marketing and publications through the lens of inclusive excellence

Agassy Rodriguez

May 2021

Enhance our intercultural competency training for staff

Matthew Boudreaux

August 2020

Provide funding to train professional staff members to serve as Campus Qualified Administrators for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) by the fall of 2021

Josh Barnes

July 2021

Conduct a comprehensive hiring process review to identify opportunities for improvements for both staff and student employment

Josh Barnes & Myles Surrett

Summer 2021

Add an inclusive excellence page to our Center website to publicly track progress of these objectives for accountability and transparency purposes

Josh Barnes

Spring 2021